October Photography Challenge – Day Twenty Four – Birds

Day Twenty Four Directive – Animal

In Southern California there were birds; pelicans, seagulls, doves, and pigeons, and the occasional bird I was unsure of, but here in Southern Sweden there are birds by the hundreds. The above picture is a portion of what I see each day, they are everywhere. I have to admit sometimes when I am woken by the sound of tons of giant black birds on the roofs surrounding our apartment I get quite freaked out. I guess though with all the trees and forest surrounding us I should be lucky it is only birds I have to contend with!


4 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Twenty Four – Birds

  1. what comes to mind is the canadaian geese ,they are so wonderful to watch fly I go to the lake in this little town where I live. your grandparents have been there with me and we fed the geese and walked around the lake it is one mile. the gees spend the summer there and have their babies so fun the watch, there are malards but the dozens.they see me coming with a bag of feed ,they squak like crazy…eat right out of your hand what a trippie feeling.they even have a formation when they are padding on the lake yep v shape too like when they fly. there is a malard who I call Elvis he has thing on his head looks like the way Elvis had his hair LOL. LOL oxoxooxo

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