October Photography Challenge – Day Eighteen – Saving for Later

Day Eighteen Directive – Shoes

Right before we left for Sweden Gap was having one of their awesome 40% off the clearance section, and I ended up with four pairs of Keds for $40. I might just call that the deal of the year, when we got to Sweden though I kept wanting to wait to wear this green pair. The white pair got dirty pretty fastly and I was saving the silver ones for nights out, yes silver Keds for nights out when you have to walk on cobblestones heels do not have the same appeal, and the salmon ones went well with my jacket.

So now these green pair is in prefect condition waiting for Spring when I can be excited to wear a brand new pair of shoes!

And since I know you were curious here are my silver Keds in all their glory!


3 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Eighteen – Saving for Later

  1. awsume I love to buy shoes when there is a sale like tat…..I did the same thing about 5yrs ago on some flip flops at “Payless for shoes ” they had all colors and I bought 2 of each…….still wearing them going to be out of them in about 3 or 4 yrs. I been looking for replacements ugh! I paid 1.99 @ and now the look alikes (not even close ) are 9.99 ochie!

  2. LOVE your Keds!! Lucky duck finding all these on sale! Would LOVE to see some outfit psts of you sporting all these great Keds!! Thanks Jamie xo

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