October Photography Challenge – Day Seventeen – Land Model

Day Seventeen Directive – Technology 

I am one of those people, you might feel inclined to call it hipster but only if I am the original since I have always been like this, that loves old things. I have a huge stack of records that I listen to all the time, I have my great-grandmothers china in my china cabinet (heck I am 26 with a china cabinet!), two typewriters at my parents,  and while I know I have to use technology I am always a bit reluctant.

This is a Polaroid Land Model 350 which was produced between 1969-1971, my grandpa found it in his garage in a box one day and figured I would love it. It sits on our bookcase with its cover on to keep it safe and I seriously love it.

I find it fascinating that in the 40 some odd years since this camera was top of the line and worth $150 now my camera fits in the palm of a hand and can take 100’s of pictures at a time. The first and only camera class I took was in high school around 2002 and every single student had a camera that took film. Only our instructor had a digital slr and while everyone yearned for his I was savoring the smell of that freshly opened film canister and though the pictures are rather grainy and slightly lacking focus I have them all in a box.

So what is your stance on technology?


2 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Seventeen – Land Model

  1. Good deal …..I I think I was around 12 or 13 when I got my first camera, My dad gave it to me for my Birthday,,,It was called a Brownie looked like a little square black box made out of plastic…he showed me how to load it with flim …..WOW! what a trip down memory lane this is. have no idea where the camera is today … Angela may have some old pics taken with it……Technology is wonderful at 72 getting harder to keep up ,you are at the perfect age you will see wonders I can not even imagine…..have fun seems like only yesterday I was 26 married and 3kids and learning to balance a check book oxoxoxo

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