October Photography Challenge – Day Fifteen – Silho-What?

Day Fifteen Directive – Silhouette 

When I first read Day Fifteen – Silhouette I totally thought I knew what that meant and had my picture all planned out. Then when this was posted by Jenna at That Wife I was thinking I obviously had it all wrong.  After some more researching I realized I had confused it with a profile picture, since that is the typical way a paper cutting silhouette would be done. Then just to triple check I asked my husband and he thought it mean take a picture of a shadow which actually was a bit more accurate then mine but still not right.

So all yesterday I tried taking a silhouette and sadly none so a bit defeated feeling I was looking through my photo archives seeing if I had ever been able to create this allusive silhouette.

Then I found this picture, which I find absolutely hilarious.


In April my aunt, brother, husband and I went to an Angels game and my aunt brought tons of snacks. The game was just so so, especially since we are Dodger fans, so we started taking silly pictures. This is me hanging a sour gummy worm over the field and my brother took the picture. I have no idea what made us do that, my brother and I have the same odd sense of humor, and I am sure most people will not find it funny but I am cracking up just looking at it.

So there you have it my day fifteen – silhouette in all its gummy worm glory!


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