October Photography Challenge – Day Ten – My Blankie

Day Ten Directive – Childhood Memory 


This blanket is 26 years old and faded from the years of washing and at the moment very musty smelling from its overseas boat trip but it is still the best blanket I own. My maternal grandmother quilted it while my mother was pregnant and since it was 1985 and they could not find out if I was a boy or girl it was done in blue and yellow. What you cannot see is that the blue originally had pink flowers but they are all faded to white.

When I was around 5 I was laying on the floor with my blankie next to my mom riding her exercise bike, the type of exercise bike that was essentially a normal bike screwed to a frame. Well I was laying a little to close to the bike and the edge of the blankie got caught up in the mechanism. I went into a full on panic while my mom calmly removed the blanket and showed me that it was fine but just a little dirty. Once it was all washed and restored I was very careful to not let my blankie go anywhere besides my bed lest more danger befall it. Even at mine and my husbands last apartment it was carefully laid over the foot of the bed!

It is now going to get a good wash to get the boat smell out of it and then will be back safe on the bed!

Did you have a blankie growing up?


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