October Photography Challenge – Day Eight – Down and Dirty

Day Eight Directive – Bad Habit

These are the dishes from breakfast this morning plus the cutting board from dinner last night. I finally washed them at about 4 this afternoon. What I always end up doing is the dishes from the last meal before I can start cooking the current meal. It drives me crazy yet I do it day after day!

Last night I was talking about the photo challenge with my husband and I said today was bad habits. His response was my cookbooks!!! He counted and I have 20, but I do not consider that a bad habit I consider it an indulgence at best!!


Hope your weekend is wonderful and you can indulge in one bad habit because it does feel good sometimes!!!


9 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Eight – Down and Dirty

  1. Josh dose the same….hummm so are these habits family traits or do we just do it on our own LOL…..why dose something like this matter just have fun and live in the moment…why not enjoy the meal and who cares about cleaning when you can relax after a great meal …..lv ya woman

  2. Oh boy, we are also in this camp about dishes. I hate it and my grandmother’s advice to never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink – at least put them in the dishwasher for later – always rings in my head. Yet we still do it. Speaking of, I need to clean this weekend. Joyous.

    • I think I would be even worse if I had a dishwasher because then I could really let them pile up, we have the dinkiest dryer rack so if I wait to long I have dishes drying all over the kitchen.

  3. Wow! I wait until i get one of my sinks full before I put the dishes in the dishwasher (most of them not mine). My sister obsesses over her perfect, clean house. My motto to her is… I would rather have something more impressive on my tombstone than that I was a good housewife!! I raise the glass of wine I am drinking on my porch to enjoy probably the last warm night we will have in upstate New York until spring and salute all my fellow artists who realize that art comes before everything (except my kids).

    • My mom is a spotless kitchen sort of person and I fall way more into your camp! I figure you have to seize the times when life presents itself because the dishes are not going to get up and walk away!

      I am also very jealous of your wine and porch drinking!!

  4. umm…cookbooks are never a bad habit…They are an investment. ;) as for dishes…umm…yeah…its one of many bad habits…i make a TON and then try to find someone to do them for me. :)

    • In California my husband was the designated dish washer and it was heavenly but now since I am at home all day I figure I can do it but on the weekends he is in charge!

      In terms of cookbooks I always tell him well if you want good dinner then I need the cookbooks!

  5. Oh, dear, the dishes in my kitchen. I try to just not think about them. They never go away on their own, though! Glad I’m in good company …

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