October Photography Challenge – Day Five – Up High

Day Five Directive – From a High Angle


I assumed from a high angle meant a picture from above something and since I am only 5 feet being above something worth taking a picture of is a tiny bit tricky!

This is looking down at a bowl of Pick and Mix , Swedish people looooooooooooooooove candy and all food stores have bins of candy sold by the kilo. My husbands favorite place to get Pick and Mix is a convenience store called the Pink Panther, this cost about $4-6 and we try to treat it as a special occasion sort of thing. My in laws spend about $15-20 a week on it and keep it in a huge bowl in their pantry.

If you are curious as to any one specific candy you see in the bowl let me know and I can tell you about it!!


9 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Five – Up High

  1. Probably less carcinogenic colours in the swedish kind. And they are, of course, not called swedish fish here. They’re called pastel fish, so the name fits the colours.

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