October Photography Challenge – Day Two – Keeping it Real

Day Two Directive – What You Wore Today

Ok so today is Sunday (I know I am a wealth of information!) and lets be honest if you are not leaving the house and it is Sunday what is the chance that your outfit is going to consist clothes with buttons, zippers, or makeup?

Zero right, and if you do not answer zero maybe you are a Stepford Wife!!!

So this morning after I showered I was debating if I was going to put on an actual outfit for todays photo challenge or just keep it real.

You can see I went with the keeping it real outfit!! It is an old J Crew shirt that has holes and Gap yoga pants I permanently borrowed from one of my bridesmaids. She is about 5′ 9″ and I am 5′ so they are just a little big but perfect for a Sunday doing chores and blogging.

I used my tested camera timer and book shelf technique which worked and behind me is our new apartment!

5 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Two – Keeping it Real

    • Thanks, I love the floors and all the white too normally I would go for a bit more color but since in Winter we get very little sun in Sweden I think it will help keep the blues away.

  1. So glad you stopped by my blog! I’m incredibly thankful I can still get American food over here; I have a feeling that I’ll be thanking my lucky stars it’s possible in a few months when I don’t want to look at another piece of pasta!

    I love this photo challenge, too! Can’t wait to see more photos from you!

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