October Photography Challenge – Day One – ME!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

This was one of those weeks when it seemed like Friday would never come. Now I just have to wait two more hours then it is moving time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yes that many exclamation points is necessary)

In other news I am taking part in the October Photography Challenge being spearheaded by Our Wired Lives. I am a bit nervous about it since I do not have a big fancy camera but I hope you will enjoy 30 days of pictures and me!

Today the directive was a Self- Portrait which I squeezed in with packing and cleaning for our move. My technique (hahaha that is stretching it) was putting my Canon digital camera on the bookcase shelf and using the self timer.

Ok so my neck is a little lost but I liked how it made my face really stand out and that is what a self portrait should be about.

*****I thought Friday was the first and ummm yay it was September 30th*******


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