Surprise Tuesday!!

Today Mr. Hemborg and I were getting ready for lunch when the doorbell rang, while I tried to maintain my inlaws dog Mr. Hemborg went to the door. When he came back in he was holding this:

Imagine it is all taped up, I could not wait to take a picture before diving in! It was from my grandparents and a complete surprise!!

This is what we found inside:

A selection of our favorite junk foods! When you are away from home you can always buy the ingredients for a healthy dinner but what you really miss is the cultural specific junk food! What is funny is that my grandparents sent this on the 20th and yesterday when emailing with my grandma I said how bummed I am to not have any candy corn in October and they had already sent some!!

The white skeleton is a card that came separately in the mail in an orange envelope. I cannot wait to hang it up in our new place with the glow and the dark Pez dispenser that were in the box, Halloween decorations are non existent in Sweden so now I have some!!!

Getting an unexpected package from home is like a huge giant hug and now I just have to wait for it to be late enough to call and say a giant thanks!



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