Maybe not the cartoon one….

As I wrote about the other day we bought a new bed set, it consists of a down comforter with a white duvet cover, two white pillow cases, a purple coverlet, and two decorative pillow cases. The coverlet and pillow cases are a silky shiny fabric which sounds cheesy but is really pretty I promise, I actually pinned it the other day and I would link it but I am writing on my iPad and do not know how to.
Ever since Mr. Hemborg and I have been together I have been wanting a proper grown up bedroom so I am super excited we are getting the chance. The thing is I love crazy pillowcases like for our first Valentines I bought Mr.Hemborg NHL pillowcases from Pottery Barn Teen. Others in my pillowcase collection are gnomes, travel stamps, heart tattoos, leopard, graffiti cityscapes, and so on!
So I think I will still use them but hide them or something!

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