Get Out Your Depends…

Mr. Hemborg knew that anytime he could not find me in Target he would have the best luck in the nail polish department. Those $3.00 bottles of Sally Hansen were just to much cheap excitement for me to handle. That resulted in this….

Only ten bottles which really is not so bad, but those were in additions to these ones…

Ok minus the bright blue which is an H&M polish that I got for my birthday. These were my pre-married life nail polishes, when I was younger and single and spending $25 on a bottle of Chanel nail polish was done without a second thought. Now unless the nail polish is going to clean my toilet it is not going to cost over $5!!

Then when we moved to Sweden I was a bit bummed because beauty type products can be on the extra steep side. I loved being able to spend $3 at home and get a little pick me up and have pretty nails. This is the instance when having a 17 yr old sister in law was awesome, she bought me a some nail polish for my birthday and I found my Sally Hansen equivalent. They are little bottles but as you know it is so rare to finish a whole bottle of polish it is not a big deal. They cost 25 kronors or about $3.80 and I am addicted!!

Yes they are called Depend and it does make me giggle a little but the great thing is that the colors are just as vibrant on your nails as in the bottle. Also the other day they were buy two get one free so I bought the three on the left. Right now I have the pink on and would show you except I have chubby short hands and the picture was horrid!!


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