Sunday Sound Off – Monday Edition

1. Last night I woke up from an intense nightmare at 4 AM, one of the ones where you have to struggle to get out of the dream and wake up. Then when I did wake up I was really confused as to where I was. I really wanted to watch TV to make me go back to sleep easier but I was afraid of waking my MIL up which brings me to point 2.

2. We really need to get an apartment soon, it is so hard walking around on tip toes still. We are applying for apartments like crazy but we are just not getting them. It is a points system where you get a point for each day and then you say you are interested in a place and they go down the interested by how many points they have. We have around 250 points so hopefully that is enough to get one of the two places we are in for right now. They are both studios and while we would obviously prefer a one bedroom we will take what we can right now.

3. My SIL is having her baby christened at the end of September and according to Mr. Hemborg this is a fancy thing is Sweden. Like he is wearing his suit and the gifst are like china and jewelry. I find it quite strange to buy a 3 month old china cups but my idea of a personalized Bible was shot down. Does that seem normal to you?

4. The good thing though is I have no real nice dress so I get to order one online! I think I am just going to go with a Forever 21 one, I know not like so fancy but they have a EU website with shippiing at only 6 Euros and then I can get more then one thing! Also online they have their plus sizes and with my 40DDD the plus sizes will actually contain them!




Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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