Say no to the Systembolaget

Imagine you are in Southern Sweden on a nice sunny day and have a hankering for a beer.

Do you go to Systembolaget, the state run liquor store, and grab a nice cold one? Well no because they do not sell them cold and even a cheap one (yes one) will set you back around $2-3 so you move on.

Do you instead head to town for a restaurant in the square? Well no again because that will cost you around $8-12.

What you do is take the 2o minute ferry ride to Helsingør, Denmark and go beer crazy!!!!! Helsingør or as it is better know Elsinore is home to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and while small it offers a day of fun for sure.

We went with some friends a couple weeks ago and came back with a case of Carlsberg and some good tan lines. I would love to give you a price comparison but as I am barely coping with Swedish Kroner conversions I have no clue for the Danish ones but we can suffice to say my husband is cheap and would never buy a case of beer in Sweden.

There are tons of liquor stores like this with everything lined up outside and men passing out flyers so you can compare prices.

 This is the lunch we had. It was essentially a beef patty with salad, bérnaise, grilled onions, and french fries.

Lastly this is a narrow alleyway we found, we figured the center part was Medieval drainage for sewage!


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