Sunday Sound Off – Humidity and All

– I am trying out the wordPress app on my iPad so if this post is wacky we are blaming it on that.

– Being from Southern California I was never quite acquainted with humidity on a deep personal level. Now Southern Sweden on the other hand is having humidity babies at the moment and I am looking like a sweaty zombie.

– The most exciting to happen this weekend was the chicken and broccoli pie I ate last night with an Orange Fanta. I bet you are now super jealous.

– Yesterday I broke down while grocery shopping alone and bought some peanut butter. As peanut butter is a very uncommon food in Europe it was $6 for one of those half jars. I think I would pay $10 for some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off – Humidity and All

  1. Do you have an American store in your near vicinity? There is one here in Malmö which sells your peanut butter of choice; personally I find ‘Skippy’ on the same level as the British made ‘Sun-Pat’, but as a Yank you probably have yours with jelly…YUCKY!

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

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