Sunday Sound Off – Rain and All

– I just love me some glitter nail polish but damn is that some hard stuff to take off. I even used a base coat but that seems not to do that much, any suggestions?

– Cheese rice cakes are a great and tasty snack so I have eaten about 10 since Friday, totally normal I would think.

– As I mentioned I received from my lovely husband the whole of Gavin and Stacey for my birthday and I have only 5 more episodes left till the end. I am so bummed but I could just not stop myself because it is sooooooooo good.

– On Friday I am going to a store called Ullared, it is like the Swedish Target/Walmart except there is only the one in all of Sweden. People make a whole day of it and there is even the largest campground in Sweden next to it for people that want to stay the night. They also had a reality show about the people that work in the store and the shopping fanatics that visit. My friend that is taking me (it is about a 2 hr drive) already has a list from her husband on what to stock up on due to the good deals. I will try and get some pictures and price comparisons for you to be surprised on the Swedish prices.

– We bought an XBox 360 and then Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and yes we are 26 and playing Lego games but they are pure fun. Also for the most part I suck at the actual actions of video game playing but I am cracking at solving what the story line is and how to solve the puzzles.

-And as a parting thought this is how summer should be, drinking a nice beer in the park.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off – Rain and All

  1. That store sounds awesome! Reminds me of an article I read about the Ikeas in China – no one actually buys anything because it’s literally cheaper to have furniture made by a carpenter, but they pack up the kids and make a day of the trip, take naps on the furniture, etc. Cracked me up!

    • It was for sure a cultural experience that I think deserves its own post! It is funny though because when we were living in California we would treat IKEA as a restaurant and food store for my husband!

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