Sunday Sound Off

-Tomorrow will be three weeks in Sweden and my 26th birthday. I also spent my 25th birthday in Sweden, my 24th in Las Vegas, and  my 23rd in London. Right now it feels like I will never celebrate a birthday at home again.

-I am obsessed with the television Bones right now, I found the first season of DVD’s at my in laws. Unfortunately they had just the first season and so I have to wait and order them from, luckily they have either free or cheap shipping to Sweden.

– Maybe TMI but I am a sweaty person, I always have been so I am super particular about what deodorant I use. This past year or so I have  been using Secret Clinical Protection Visibly Smooth. I seriously love this deodorant and it has something in it that makes your armpit hair less coarse so as a shaver hater it is heaven. Unfortunately I have not seen it in Sweden and I cannot get it from so be lucky you are not going to be near my armpits.

-I am still nervous to actually cook at my in laws so right now for meals that Mr. Hemborg is at work for I have been eating cheese and crackers and frozen quiche. I am in love with frozen quiche though so it is fine.

-The weather forecast right now has normal rain for today but then of course for my birthday tomorrow it says HEAVY rain, which is lame. Before we left I bought some Toms wedges and wanted to wear them for my birthday but seeing as we have to walk a little ways from the bus to the restaurant on a cobblestone street the open toe wedges will have to stay home from the HEAVY rain.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off

  1. can’t believe that I haven’t seen you on your birthday since you were 22???? that is crazy, I have a idea of what to get you for your 26th birthday, hmmm maybe some Secret Clinical Protection Visibly Smooth? just need an address???

  2. when we were in Italy, I brought full bottles of all my toiletries because I was paranoid I wouldn’t be able to find equivalents (E wanted to pack light and decided to buy things there) I can’t imagine being without my favorite deodorant (lotion, toothpaste, etc!)

    ps. as for meals – try something simple and crowd-pleasing! Are your in-laws around a lot?

    • My in-laws are on their vacation now which is like 4 or 5 weeks at home!

      I was lucky and Mr. Hemborg helped me find a nice face wash and they have Colgate toothpaste. Some other stuff though I guess I just need to pull on the big girl panties and get over it!!!

  3. You’ve had birthdays in awesome places, lady! I’m really jealous, I don’t think I’ve ever had a birthday anywhere but home. :/ I’m a super sweaty person too, and I never tried the clinical strength deodorant yet – I need to give that a go.

    • I think birthdays at home are really where it is at! Then you can have exactly what you want and everyone you want to be there is there.

      At Target they have a few brands of clinical strength deodorant so you might have to test them out, I was first using Degree and it made me smell funky so that is when I switched to Secret.

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