The Last Week Via Food

In my post on Monday I posted a picture of pizza, while in America we have thin crust vs deep dish and maybe the occasional avocado if your feeling frisky but in no way would bananas and peanuts plus ham be involved!

My aunt knowing that bananas are my arch rival thought maybe it was a joke but in Sweden the pizza list is crazy and long. The local corner pizza place has as many varieties plus some as California Pizza Kitchen though so the bananas plus peanuts thing was just one of the many crazy ones you can order!

On the whole food in Sweden is pretty mild and agreeable but no matter on that it is still different.

This is Pytt i Panna with eggs and pickled beets, Pytt i Panna is a traditional Swedish dish made up of itty bitty potatoes, onion, and sausage. Most people have some frozen in their freezer for a fast and easy dinner. Mine is eaten with no beets and lots of Tapatio we brought from California.

On Sunday we went to IKEA and had the ubiquitous meatballs, it was a better deal since it was the same price as home and included a drink and coffee. The whole, peeled, and boiled potatoes thing is a pretty common addition to a Swedish meal, Mr. Hemborg would not ask if I could get mashed and then his mom said I could  have had them or even french fries.

These are from the same pizza night the table was very varied with all the options on offer at the pizza place. In the back is a kebab roll, it is sort of a middle Eastern / Swedish burrito sort of thing. It looked really good and I was kinda bummed that we did not order it instead of a pizza. The pizza has a bearnaise type sauce and very thinly shaved fillet of beef, I did not try it but the sauce just seemed to much for me. Then in the little container in the front right of the pizza box is what is called pizza salad. It is always in those little plastic bowls and is some sort of vinegary coleslaw and I love it.

Hope you liked the Swedish food journey (no really because I have even more food pictures!) and if you have any questions I can ask Mr. Hemborg because I have no clue!!!


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