Day One of Being a Housewife

Today is Mr. Hemborg’s first day of work and I am feeling a bit out of sorts. I knew he was starting today and I am beyond thrilled he found a job so fast but it is causing more emotions than I thought it would.

Firstly we have been together every day since the start of June, so him not being around is feeling just a bit creepy. Like I keep wanting to tell him something or not eat lunch alone (or with my in-laws) and he is not there. I know this will pass in a few days but I have to say I do prefer life with him at home!

Secondly over the past years when we have been in America I have been working and he has been going to school. For some couples that situation might not work but for us it was perfect. I would come home from work to a clean house and on some nights dinner started, then after dinner we would get to do whatever we wanted together rather than focus on chores. I also had great satisfaction from being able to support our little family of two, and even though we are both of the mind set that any money earned is OUR money it is weird not the one bringing OUR money home.

Once we are moved into our own place though and I am able to cook dinner, do crafts, learn to bake,  and start sewing I am sure that all of this will pass and I will be laughing at the day when I was unsure about time alone!

Ok and now for what I know you really want to see a picture! This is from Friday night when we had dinner at a friends, try and guess exactly what is going on!


4 thoughts on “Day One of Being a Housewife

  1. Oh, banana and curry-pizza, my favourite! And even better with peanuts (not all pizza places have that). Except for the peanuts it’s really a very standard pizza here in Sweden. But the most popular one is the kebab pizza, pizza with kebab meat and hot red kebab sauce and stuff. Probably the same stuff that was in the roll. And garlic sauce, of course, as always on kebab.

    Also, bearnaise (sauce) is very popular on pizzas! Bearnaise and garlic sauce can alwyas be bought on the side to put on any pizza. Mmm, I’m getting hungry!

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