No Wave Beach and Triangle Sun Burns

When Mr. Hemborg and I lived in Newport Beach steps to the sand we went to the beach less than five times. We would never ever in a million years step foot in that dirty Pacific Ocean. Usually the closest we came to the beach was the bars with happy hour along the boardwalk.

Now though that we are in Sweden we have to take people up on their offers of days out and car rides so we went to the beach. Not only did we go to the beach and lay out but we went in the water. We kept saying that if our family in California could see us they would be flabbergasted.

The beach though does have some redeeming qualities, firstly no waves which means not ending up with ass fulls of sand and no obnoxious surfers hitting you with their surfboards. Then the fact that the beach was considered crowded by our friends when there was yards of space between you and the next people was pretty great.

The one bad part that emerged however was the funky as shit burn on my thigh. Imagine (as I am not showing you a picture of my thigh lest your eyes burn out of your skull) a triangle shaped burn with the point on the skinny part of your bottoms would be extending about 5 inches down. That really did not make much sense but we can all agree a triangle shaped burn on any part of you body is damn funny.

I only managed four pictures so here they are plus a bonus of Mr. Hemborg sporting war paint face paint!

See how many speedo’s you can spot!


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