Nostalgia – When We Came and Where We are Going

As each day goes by and we are closer and closer to moving it is less actual sadness and more of nostalgia creeping up.

Last night when I got home from work I was just laying on the couch and while our apartment is no longer looking like our home it still felt like home. It amazed me that in the 10 months we have been in this apartment how much we have really made it into a home. It is the first place that we have lived together that was just ours, as opposed to the studio that was Mr. Hemborgs first, his parents, or my grandparents.

This apartment was where we bought so many of the firsts for our relationship. The place we came home to after our wedding and had our first Christmas tree. Something about all the firsts pulls at my heart. I know that we will live in quite a few more places over the years but I think our little studio will always have a special place for us.


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