Scene from our Marriage

The scene: Mr. Hemborg putting away items from a Target shopping trip. Me sitting on my booty watching.

Mr. Hemborg – “Where should I put these things”

Me – “Read the package, you should be able to figure it out”

Mr. Hemborg – “Pantyliners……… I have no idea what these things are”

Me – (laughing inside) “Well read the package like I said I think you can figure out what they are for”

Mr. Hemborg – ” Are they some thing for your purse to like keep it clean”

Me – (rolling around in laughter) “Yes, exactly when my purse is being dirty I put a PANTYliner in it”

Mr. Hemborg – “Well then should I put them where you purses are?”

Me – “Ok seriously you know what panties are* so why can you not figure out what a pantyliner is”

Mr. Hemborg – (flings the package of pantyliners at me as he turns red) ” O that is gross you can put them away yourself, I do not want to know about this stuff”


This happened a few months ago and this morning when I went to use one of the afore-mentioned pantyliners I remembered this little jewel of married life. Mr. Hemborg is really comfortable talking about all bodily functions except the function of a period, which for some reason just makes me want to bug him about it even more!


*sometimes confusion can arise as English is his second language


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