The Up and Down and Backaround

This weekend was more range of emotions then a pregnant lady has I swear. On Thursday we found out via the Swedish immigration board website a decision had been made on my application. We submitted my application in mid March so were very surprised that we heard back so fast.

Then on Friday we received an email from the embassy confirming our thoughts that it was an approval decision. They said we would receive my passport back with instructions shortly.

Saturday we received my passport and the paperwork. One thing was great, I have been approved for permanent residency. That means I can stay in Sweden for the rest of my life, they have temporary residency which is for two years. Apparently I can even vote in Sweden now and can travel freely throughout the EU. The bad thing was they said I would have to apply for a biometrics card.

We looked it up Saturday night and all signs pointed to the fact that the only place to receive such a card was at the embassy in Washington DC. In case you were not aware we live in California so that is a 5 hour plane ride (an expensive one at that) and at least two nights in a hotel.

Trying to make the best of it we looked up hotels and different museums. Neither of us really had it in us though for this trip right before our move. Also it being a holiday week and having to wait until Tuesday morning to really figure out what was needed was even worse.

This morning we work up early and Mr. Hemborg called them, and he was transferred to a voice mail. Not really what we wanted but I was tired and said o well, Mr. Hemborg however called about three times leaving messages with different people and emailed the person who contacted us Friday.

His persistence paid off and we received a phone call this afternoon. After Mr. Hemborg explained that we live in California and when I received my approval we were told we do not have to go to Washington DC!!!!

I was so happy I was dancing around our apartment yelling we are moving we are moving. (I am sure my neighbors were saying Thank God shut up crazy lady)

Now I just want to start packing!!


8 thoughts on “The Up and Down and Backaround

  1. I have the permanent residency permit, too. You CAN vote but only in the local elections. And can’t you move freely in the EU anyway with just your American passport? It’s just that you have to wait in the non-EU passport lines still. After three years of residency in Sweden you can also apply for citizenship and get yourself your own fancy EU passport!

    Anyway being married to a Swede and having that permit will make some things in Sweden easier for you. Congrats!

    • I guess I could with my American one, I guess I will just feel more at ease. Since I have previously had a work visa in England I always get a little more hassle there and now that will be gone!

      O yes though EU passport will be mine one day!!

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