A Win for the Gentleman

Lately it feels like there is just a whole lot of blahhhhhh going around.  There is so much in the world to be sad or annoyed about and then it is also so easy to get wrapped in up your own life and be stressed or want to curl under a blankie and sleep.

Last week I got kicked out of my funk by my friends husband. Me and her have been close friends since Jr. High and now even though we live only 10 minutes apart with life it is hard to keep up and see each other. Last week though she got a huge promotion that she had been aiming for I would say for almost a year.

I did the ” O my life is so busy” 2011 thing by sending a text saying congrats. Nice sure but really it was sad I could not even call to say it.

Later that day I got a message from her husband. He was so proud of her that he was arranging a surprise night out on Friday for her. His plan was that our group of friends (we all went to some combination of K-12 together) and he would show up and act like it was a total coincidence.

I was totally in love with this plan and while I have known him since I was about 5 it really gave me a new perspective and respect for him.

Then he totally made the husband of the year list. He went out and picked up a card and a vase of flowers in the same colors of their wedding for us to bring. So when my friend walked into the bar not only were we all their waiting but there was beautiful flowers on the table.

She did admit that she figured it out but since he did the flowers and card it was still surprising!

Things like that make you remember that life is not all what is on the news and stress!

Hope your weekend was good too!!!


2 thoughts on “A Win for the Gentleman

    • So true it is so easy to start taking friends for granted or think well they will understand because that is what friends do. When in reality what friends do is celebrate together!!

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