But what about the granite counter tops?

Each week it seems like I am having a little mini breakdown in regards to moving. Since we sent in my application the breakdowns have been as varied as a girl going through puberty.

Last week it was because when we move I will not be able to just get in my car and drive to Target. Yes, it was ridiculous but it felt like losing a little part of my independence. In Sweden I will be able to walk or take the bus to an equivalent style store but it did not seem the same to me in the moment.

When I calmed down and talked it out with Mr. Hemborg he gave me a major confidence boost with how moving to a foreign country is showing how much independence I have on the grander scale.

This week it was when we were talking about the logistics of shipping our stuff. (Side note anyone that has moved their personal belongings via cargo ship please let me know) It is a scary process since neither of us has ever done it. Then it brought up all these emotions of now that we are just getting established what are we doing packing everything up and shipping it away.

Part of us just wants to say screw it we can always get new things but mostly what I want to come with us is wedding presents and my great grandmothers china. Those are not just go to the store and replace type of items.

The other thing getting to us I think is the American ideal of what should happen now that we are married. It seems like ok now it is time to buy a house with granite counter tops in a nice neighborhood, then once we have personalized the house we can start trying to get pregnant.

That ideal is not us though.

While I am sure that works out great for others we are more of your live in a city with a balcony that has great view sort. It is hard though to see how the move is getting us closer to our dreams when we see our friends working towards their house in the sub-burbs dreams all around us.

What calmed me and us down from this last breakdown was googling images and things to do in the city we want to move to in Sweden.

At this stage it is all very “eyes on the gold” and “in it to win it”.


11 thoughts on “But what about the granite counter tops?

  1. You have to follow your own dreams, not someone else’s! I have to remind myself of this daily. Just because it looks good when someone else has it does not mean it will make you happy. =)

  2. Yikes… I never thought about how very much would go into a move like that. You’re right- keep your eyes on the prize!!! When you get there you’ll be more excited about the new things than worried. And I can’t wait to hear about everything too!

    • It is crazy all the little things, I wish I could just drive a U-haul all the way there!
      As lame as it is one thing I think is well at least some of my stuff will be unique so it is worth shipping!

  3. I understand I have similar feelings about moving from Harlem, NY to a suburb in TX but your feelings are more reasonable for the scale of your move.

  4. For the cargo shipping I recommend Southern Winds. Call Michael. You know my real name, right? Tell him I sent you. I found it was totally worth it to send my stuff. Made living here feel much more like home. Plus it is expensive to replace everything! Esp so in Sweden. Many, many things are twice as much money.

    There is nothing as awesome as Target in Sweden, sorry. But Sweden does have some other nice qualities. :)

    It’s hard being an immigrant. It’s brave of you to go for it! And you might have a different lifestyle in Sweden, sure. It might be a great one! Where are you moving, anyway?

    Plus, with an apartment rather than a house, less space to clean! And you can still have a baby in Sweden. In fact it literally pays to do so!

    • Thanks again! I know I always try to explain Åhléns as a lesser not as good Target even though they do have comfy undies! I have never been to Ullared but have seen clips of the reality show so I am going with it is even worse!!

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