Bow, Bow, Bow What?

Mr. Hemborg is currently taking anthropology100. The class had an assigned field trip to The Bowers Museum and the teacher made it easy for the students, they could sign up and be taken on a bus and the assignment would be completed.

Now my lovely husband thought nah taking a bus with the class seems boring and he would have no one to talk too. He convinced me that we could go together and it would be a fun date day. But after the class went he noticed he already received credit and decided he fell into a magic school loophole. I was not on board with this plan but it is not my class so I let it be.

Yesterday Mr. Hemborg shows up at my work in a panic. He realized that when the teacher went to do the grades she would realize the mistake and therefore his points would be revoked and his grade would be dismal.

Keeping in mind I work a Mon – Fri 9-5 job I calmly asked ok when is the assignment due. His response was Wednesday so we would have to go to the museum on Tuesday. The museum being museumy closes at 4, so I am taking a half day today and we are going to the museum.

It really is a good thing he is so cute…


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