What If I Am Hairy? The Saga of Me and Shaving

One of the hot topics in Jr. High was who was able to shave their legs and those that had horrible parents that would not let them until high school. Being at a private Catholic School their were quite a few parents that were super strict and had banned leg shaving like it would immediately lead to pregnancy.

To further exacerbate the situation John Horstman, who I am sure is a very nice man now but will always in my mind be remembered for this, would run around the playground and try to rub girls legs. If he rubbed your leg and it was unshaven he would laugh hysterically and call out your name. This act of his resulted in many girls running towards the bathroom with tears in their eyes.

I despised John for this, I thought it was unfair of him to ridicule girls for what was surely up to their parents. I also could not understand what was really the big deal, everyone had hair on their legs and it did not affect anything about that person. My thoughts on the matter made me not fit in with the  girls obsessing on when they would be able to shave or with John and his cronies on their rampage of leg hair.

The other person that I was at odds with on leg shaving was my mother. She was all ready for me to start shaving and I kept telling her no. I was going to have to keep doing it once I started and I was fine with the state of my legs. Being my mother though she was to prevail finally late in 7th grade. It was really rather comical my mother begging me to shave my legs while I stubbornly said no in the hallway.

My compromise was that if she was so concerned that the hair on my legs was destructive she would have to shave it herself. Never one to back down from my challenges she made me sit on the bathroom counter and she shaved my legs. And as we all know it was not life changing in the least my legs just looked shiny and a bit skinnier, as is the illusion with less hair, and I went on about my life.

The attitude I took for the rest of my body hair was the same, I would shave my armpits when my mother would be so exasperated at how they looked. When I knew it was serious with Mr. Hemborg I told him that I hate shaving and think it is crazy so if he really loved me he would have to deal with that. Well he does and I try to remember to be better then once a month!


6 thoughts on “What If I Am Hairy? The Saga of Me and Shaving

  1. My mom and I had such arguments about everything related to beauty in the tween years. Shaving, makeup, clothes. As an adult, I rarely shave in winter, I only wear makeup when I’m in a bridal party, and Lord knows I have no concept of fashion at all. Nice to know I’m not the only one who’s stuck by such stubborn aversions to maintenance. :o)

  2. I don’t shave my legs very often either. In the winter, probably about twice a month. In the summer, whenever I’ll be showing my legs (which hopefully is more than twice a month, but who knows). I miss the days when my underarm hair didn’t grow fast enough to need to shave it every day… but I still don’t actually do it every day either.

  3. I am SUPER hairy if I don’t shave; my legs get all pasty and my hair is really dark, so it kind of looks gnarly. I wanted to shave in 5th grade but wasn’t allowed to; instead my best friend and I used one of those de-pilling sweater shaver thingies. True story. I shave every couple of days otherwise I’m a beast once again. My husband is quite a hairy man; I feel bad for our future children. :-)

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