Brothers are the Best

Today is my brother’s birthday and I am sooooooooo excited! It is also my grandpa’s birthday!

In December of 1998 my mom was pregnant with the older of my two brothers and as a family we had decided on his name, W_____. We chose the name because it was different and nice and it happened to be my grandfather’s name. So come May my mom went into labor about a week before her due date. W____ was born early May 4th, which is my grandfathers birthday. So without it being planned they share the same birthday and same name, first and last since it is my dad’s dad.

Then in September of 2000, the night before my sophomore year of high school to be exact, my mom tells me she is pregnant again. As the end of her pregnancy is approaching her doctors decide a scheduled c-section is best as my brother and I were both emergency c-sections. She chose a date as it was her grandmothers birthday and she thought it would be great to remember her that way. Well nature had its own ideas and she went into labor mid day on May 4th.

So my brothers are exactly two years apart. I am 14 yrs and 16 yrs older than them respectively and I love them more than anything in the world.

When I think of being gone and moved away what will really bring on the tears is thinking of them. I was there every minute of their infancy and at times it feels like I am leaving my own babies.

For their present Mr. Hemborg and I decided we wanted to spend time with them rather than give them an object that will be lost or discarded with time.

I made a booklet with their names on the front saying it was their Birthday Extravaganza Day and inside it has two options for what we can do. I did the items timed out like 12:30 be picked up from home, 1:00 lunch at your choice, etc. Throughout the day I plan on taking tons of pictures then making a scrapbook out of it for them.

Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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