Did you forget something?

In the summer my mother thought that planned activities were a necessity lest I grow lazy and inept in those warm months away from school. The summer before the 6th grade the PE teachers at my school were holding an outside volleyball day camp.

This had every aspect for my mom to go crazy over.

A. It was outside

B. Involved physical activity

C. It was related to my school

D. It would teach my a new life skill

With so many boxes ticked I was signed up to weeks of volleyball. As a whole of all the things my mom had signed me up for at that point I viewed volleyball pretty good, there was little running and you did not get very dirty. My views on volleyball were soon to go straight down the pooper though.

As I have said this was in summer just like my wonderful mid July birthday. That summer my birthday and volleyball camp were on the same day but I was done around three as I was in the early class. I was to be picked up by a responsible adult member of my family and then taken to my awesome birthday party.

So camp let out and I stood around with my friends who were picked up one by one. Then the kids for the afternoon camp starting showing up and everyone else had gone home that I knew. Now remember this is all before the wonders of everyone having a cell phone so I could not call and see what was up but I thought man it is my birthday surely someone is coming for me.

Panic started setting in when the afternoon session was being let out and I was still sitting in the parking lot.

No one realized I had not been picked up until all adult family members were at my party staring at each other asking where I was. The story I have been told it was my mom asking my dad where I was and he said I thought you were getting her and she said I thought my dad (my grandfather) was and they turned to my grandparents who obviously thought one of my parents was.  At this point my dad jumped in his car and raced to where I was, which was sitting crying on a rock in the park.

You do not need to doubt I received some extra presents that year!


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