Shortness: Side Effects Guaranteed

When I was in the 5th grade I was sitting pretty at 5 foot. Everyone would proclaim how tall I would be, not really looking at the rest of my family and their relative shortness. 15 years later I am still at 5 foot, so all those people got my hopes up for nothing.

Being short my whole life these are the side effects I have experienced:

1. Never expect pants to be the right length. A short/petite inseam is 28 inches on my that means in flats the bottom will still touch and eventually tear on the ground.

2. You will be an expert at cuffing or folding things. Leggings always are folded up and in my younger days skirts were rolled to be the right short length.

3. Tights will go up to the bottom of your bra, so I always have had some sort of spanx!

4. In the last two years of high school and all of college 90% of my shoes were wedges or heels. I could honestly run in 4 inch heels. (now I am an old married lady and just wear sensible flats)

5. Grocery shopping alone makes you either be real nice to strangers or less picky. You have to buy what you can reach or see.

6. Some cupboards contents will be a complete mystery. Or you will be really crafty at getting into them, when I lived at home to get to the shelf in my closet I would put on platforms then stand on my desk chair. (so dangerous looking back!)

7. When I worked at Target I was exempt from certain jobs. Mainly putting the shoes away because they would always end up falling on my head, which you know hurts.

8. I can stand up basically anywhere, the best one being at my seat in an airplane.

9. Sometimes I can fit in children’s clothes which are cheaper or I can steal my younger brothers (age 12) hooded sweatshirts which I am to cheap to buy myself.

10. You are often mistaken, especially from behind, for younger than you are. People always like to equate height with age which I will not really complain about!


4 thoughts on “Shortness: Side Effects Guaranteed

  1. So funny, I had the exact same experience! I was a little shorter in 5th grade (maybe 4’10”) but certainly not the shortest by far. By 6th I was 5′ and never grew taller. I wear a size 5 or 5 1/2 shoe, and also have a really tough time finding clothes that fit!

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