Up to the Brim

This week I feel overwhelmed with moving thoughts. House Hunters International (the best show ever) had an episode Monday about a couple moving to Sweden. The wife was Swedish and the husband British and since their story so closely mirrored ours it made me cry. It made Mr. Hemborg very anxious but I really find comfort in knowing that there are so many other couples in similar situations.

At times I get very frustrated out our friends here. Right now all of our friends in America are either married, engaged, or in committed relationships. I want to shake them and say see how easy you have it, you met in high school or even elementary school and now live happily minutes from where you grew up.

While I would never ever change falling in love with Mr. Hemborg or the path life has taken me on it can be challenging. Mr. Hemborg and I have talked about how we have chosen the harder path and maybe it makes us a stronger couple but we do know that wherever the other is there will be making our home.


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