How to not start a Tuesday

We were lucky enough to move into our apt. with a new kitchen remodel. Not like a granite counter top with dishwasher remodel but a remodel never the less. Once of the great features is that we have a garbage disposal. The combination of old and shared plumbing with a husband a little over zealous on the marvels of the garbage disposal came to a head this morning however.

See my lovely husband has never had a garbage disposal and has been being a literal liberal with the things going down. Note I am in no way mad or blaming him for this, I am sure in Sweden I will make a mess of a ton of things. Or maybe I should have been more specific with the what goes down and this is all my fault, who know marriage is confusing sometimes!

Anyways this morning when he went to shower instead of the water turning on I hear my name being screamed. It looked like someone had been quite sick in our tub. Mr. Hemborg does not handle throw up looking things very well, so I quickly went to work at cleaning it up so there would not be two messes.

And this is where the old plumbing really screwed us over. With all my efforts it would just not go down. If anything it seemed to be multiplying and I was getting  hot and sweaty.

I then enforced an executive decision. I called my boss and told him I would be an hour late and to send the plumber. (Our landlord is basically me and my boss) Then I drove to my moms house and had an awesome shower as one can only have in their childhood home. She also had bagels and cream cheese, a luxury we never have.

So what started out quite shitty turned into an actually really comforting morning. It also made me feel a little homesick for when the time comes that my mom will be multiple plane trips away.

And that my friends is Tuesday in Newport


4 thoughts on “How to not start a Tuesday

  1. Yeah, they don’t really have disposals in Sweden. You get used to it but it can be grosser.

    And it’s hard not having mom close, that’s for sure! Luckily my MIL is very sweet. Unfortunately she doesn’t drive so we have to go to her whenever we need help, but okay.

    • No we will have to get one of those sink scraper thingies!

      My MIL is great as well and when we first move we will be a super short busride from them (or a by my standards long walk). My mom is also threatening us with summer long visits though…

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