My Way or the Highway?

While reading a fellow expat (also an American living in Sweden) blog today I came across some really mean comments on her desire to know what sex her baby is. I felt so angry for her that her simple desire to know if she was going to have a boy or girl would be so criticized. One commenter really stood out to me and the wanna be ghetto fighter girl in me could not hold back and I responded to the comment. This is the comment and my response:

Rude Lady “OH FFS. Because the baby will fall down dead if you dress in the wrongly gendered clothes. More power to the midwife I say”

Me “I think it is fair to say not wanting to dress your baby boy in a pink dress is not crazy! Also it is not the midwife having the child so why should she be able to judge the parents request.”

Then I decided to check out this commenters blog, I really could not help myself. So the women’s blog was in Swedish so hooray for google translate. My google translating and my very limited Swedish skills lead me to realize this women is now living in America. And man o man did she have some really mean things to say about America and our products.

For one I think that moving from your home to just another state is hard let alone another country and as expats you should be more attuned to that and support each other. Even if you have a belief difference it is not hard to say you find that weird there and I find this weird here so lets just stalemate and move on.

Also it really made me think of how I criticize Sweden. I do not want to portray myself as bitter, close minded or bitchy when I try to present my views on how each country does things.

So I am pledging to try to show a realistic view of what and how things are different but that different does not equal bad. Yes some days I will be mad and frustrated that I cannot go buy beer at 10 Pm, but really maybe that is not such a bad thing after all says my liver, and I know I can say how it really pisses me off but not that this means the whole country is horrendous!

I am sure it will be a long process but I never want a random Swedish person to come across my blog and think well lets just send that bitch back to where she came from!


3 thoughts on “My Way or the Highway?

  1. I can never understand why people leave mean comments. It doesn’t make any sense to me. If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the freak up! Didn’t their mothers ever teach them that??

    Also–I think everyone has a bit of country pride in them. I had my Italian roommates visit me and the whole time they bitched about American customs and “stuff.” I ended up dropping them off at the airport 3 hours early because I was so fed up with it! I think you just need to enjoy the differences and realize that doesn’t mean you love your country any less…

  2. Exactly, it is the internet so you searched them out to be mean basically! It is not as if you were forced together like at work or something.

    I love though dropping people off early, we did that with some family that came into town for our wedding!

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