Insta Friend Formula

Are you feeling down or lonely? Looking for a way to make an “insta friend”? Do not worry I have found the perfect way…. move to a “far away” place!

In all seriousness I am quite amused by all  the new “friends” we are getting now with our move to Sweden getting closer. People that we have met maybe a handful of times are telling us about their Europe vacation plans and hoping to come see us, which is a thinly veiled stay with us for free request. Some people that we are close with I of course would love to see and let stay with us but you random renter I know through a strictly professional way I have no intention of seeing you once my job is over.

One of our new “insta friends’ my husband is quite happy about, his tattoo artist. She I will admit is really very nice and if she were say within an hour or so train ride away of where we are living it would be great to meet up and have a drink with her and as of yet now never met boyfriend. I do not however know if I could carry on a whole day or more trip with her.

I should say though that I have been labeled a hermit and anti-social in the past so maybe I am not the best judge of how and what the deal is with an “insta friend” situation.

Lastly though I kinda selfishly love being the person living in an “exotic” place that people want to visit.


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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