Arrived in the Rain: Europe Adventure Part 3

The rest of the bus tour went on with general drunken shenanigans and crazy dance clubs in Belfast. When we finally made it back to Dublin though I had a clear idea in my head that I should spend the summer in Galway. The city had been a good mix of what you expect in Ireland and a mall that had a Harvey Nichols in it.

Being on a budget I took a bus that cut straight across from Dublin to Galway in the o so short time span of about 3 and a half hours. The bus driver even got lost and we drove about a round a bout in some obscure town a few times. When we arrived we were dropped of at the train station in the rain. I had a general idea of the way to the hostel I booked. What I did not realize is that it was clear across town which meant dragging my suitcase behind me over many cobblestone streets. Looking back I really wonder why I did not just get in a taxi but I guess I thought it was a rite of passage or some bullshit like that.

Either way I made it to the hostel which turned out to be basically a house that a bunch of French people lived in and rented out a few rooms. This made it one of the coziest and inviting hostels I have ever stayed in. At my check in they did not have my pay and almost forgot when I checked out, and even then they did not charge for my whole stay.

On my first or second day in the city I was walking around trying to get a good grasp of what was where and had managed to get a little lost. While trying to figure out how to get back to the city center but not appear lost I noticed a car slowing by me. Then the car honks, at this point I am imaging stories of the American girl gone missing them being found cut up in a ditch and trying to figure out a flight path. While all these thoughts are running through my head I hear my name being called from the car.

Once you hear your name being called you cannot help but stopping and looking who it is. In the car is the hostel owner from Inis Mor and two Australians my age. This is the point where my caution went to the wind and I got in the car. It all turned out for the best though, they were going for pizzas and beer and it changed my whole Galway experience.

The hostel owner, Dave,  took my under his wing, and on all sorts of odd adventures I was not expecting in my time there. His house was under renovation and the Australian guys were on similar visas to me but doing work at his house for extra cash. The four of us would often spend nights drinking and then we would crash at his house and then Dave would drive us where ever we needed to be in the morning on his way to work.  One day we went kitchen table shopping and another I went to a bachelor party.

My days were taken on a rhythm but I was not sure if it was going where I wanted. Then I made a marvelous yet drastic decision….

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