So Many Things I Wonder….

1. Why do I have to sweat so much when I drink coffee? I am not going to stop drinking coffee in the morning, but serious makes my pits go crazy, which at the start of a work day is maybe not the best thing

2. Why do I always wait so long to get up and go to the bathroom? I am 25 not 5 I should be able to just say realize I need to go pee then get my ass up and go not think about it for 10 minutes

3. Why is Ranch dressing so damn good? I try to be all sophisticated and buy other dressing or even make my own but really Hidden Valley Ranch is just o so good

4. Why when older people call me at work do they say “Hello my name is Rose and I am calling from Utah”? Unless you are calling from the moon I am not very concerned where you are calling from just let me know what you want

5. Why do the people who live upstairs from me vacuum so frequently? I would understand maybe once or twice if you spilled something and needed to do some midnight vacuuming but three to four times a week is not ok

6. Why does cheese make everything better? Salad add cheese better, Pasta yep better with cheese, Soup, Sandwich, Potatoes all better with cheese

7. Why are my legs not longer? That is really my moms fault for not picking a taller guy but still I would like to not have petite pants dragging the ground

8. How will I know or not know if the vitamins I take in the morning are doing anything? I just started taking these multi vitamins from Trader Joes which are great but really are they doing anything?


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