Bullets and Points

I am in the mood to write today but all I have is little half ideas and then when trying to elaborate the are falling apart. So I thought why not just do a list, I love list making, and I think it is what I need today. Putting all the jumble in a line and then maybe it will all start to come together.

1. I know, or hope, that most people think they have the best SO but I honestly feel so blessed and lucky with my husband lately. He has really picked up in the midst of the whole moving from America thing and made me feel that no matter what with the two of us together we will be home.

2. A couple of weeks ago I ordered three shirts and two cardigans from the J Crew factory and while I rarely spend so much on clothes for me at once they have really made me feel revived in my wardrobe.

3. With the new clothes I decided it was time to actually wear some of the jewelry I own. It seemed like after I was engaged I loved my ring so much everything else was just forgotten, so this week I am rocking earrings and on Sunday a bracelet I bought a couple of years ago in the Portobello Market.

4. Today I am wearing a Marc Jacobs t-shirt I bought in New York for my husband but after such a long Monday I really wanted some comfort. To make it seem more work appropriate I wore black flats with a silver buckle, so far the person that has come into my work was wearing running shorts and slippers so I highly doubt it matters what shoes I am wearing.

5. This past weekend I entered a contest, I really did not think I would win because I am one of those I never win stuff people. Well guess what I won!! It is a really pretty letterpress print from http://therecomesayes.com/wordpress/ and just made my whole day brighten up. (O and I do not know how to make links embedded or whatever that is called).

Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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