J-Lo Style

Today at work I cried full-out in front of my boss. We were discussing starting our Saturday hours, and I said I really wanted to be able to have at least ever other Saturday off to see my brothers games.

I have two brothers, and they share the same birthday. In May the will be 10 and 12, and they are like my own little babies. The only thing that makes me cry about moving is not seeing them at least once a week like I do now. So back to today as I was saying how they are starting baseball and basketball this weekend and how excited I was I totally just broke down. It was very Jennifer Lopez American Idol Style.

Knowing you are making the right choice and actually doing it are so far apart and sometimes I just want to curl up under a blanket and not have to deal with the emotions.

Luckily my  boss is great and said he would figure something out and said he understands and knows that I was not just trying to cry to get out of working.

O being a grown up is not such an easy path.


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