With a little rain and wind

Comes freaked out Southern Californians, I want to make clear I am not making fun of them because I am one of the worst.

 We are supposed to get a storm through tonight and most of tomorrow. Instead of saying eh some rain they have had massive blizzards out East I created a plan of action to combat THE MASSIVE STORM ATTACKING US!!!!!!!!

1. Force my boss to do his banking early so I could go to the bank at 10 AM instead of when the death rain would be.

2. Pick up my husband and do weekend preparedness grocery shopping, you know in case the rain is so bad we cannot leave the house.

3. Ensure we had cookies because everyone knows that cookies are best when it is raining outside.

Ok so my plan was not that involved but still it was a combat THE MASSIVE STORM ATTACKING US plan.

O and this is what we bought on our emergency Trader Joes’ trip:

One bottle white wine (a Friday night staple)

One four pack of Bitburger (we saw a House Hunters International there this week)

One bottle of Mississippi Mud (we really like beer)

One bag Hickory BBQ chips (we usually walk to the local liquor store on Friday after our wine and beer  for chips but you know tonight will have the MASSIVE STORM making that impossible)

One bag white cheddar cheese puffs (Trader Joe’s kicks butt at this and well I like to eat snacks like a chubby kid on the weekend)

Pastrami (for reuben style sandwiches this weekend)

Swiss Cheese (see above sandwich stuff)

Muenster Cheese (see about chubby kid stuff)

So you do not need to worry if it floods us in the Hemborg house will be safe with our wine, beer, and cheese!

3:00 Pm Update: There was minimal rain and I am thus far very dissapointed in this storms Newport Beach showing


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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