Caffeine Head

Last night we went to bed around the usual time and as we were recapping the weekend before drifting off I said I was a little thirsty. Then the thought of drinking some nice cold water would not leave my head so I dragged myself to the kitchen and had a great glass of water, then joked I just assured myself a 4 AM trip to the bathroom.

As soon as I was back in bed I was asleep till I woke up from a crazy Scrabble turning into a Twitter attack slash Vegas nightmare. So I laid there willing myself to sleep and getting spooked by every little noise. Caving into better judgment I looked at the clock and it was 3:33 Am which seemed super creepy to me which then amplified any noise which at this point I was convinced were evil burglars coming to get me.

Then I remembered my water and thought maybe I just woke because I did need to pee and maybe if I made enough noise in the process Mr. H would wake up and make the noises not scary.

That plan was major fail, he just turned over and kept sleeping away.

I finally resorted to watching Friends DVD’s and falling asleep sometime after 4:28 AM.

Needless to say today at work I am like a zombie, a shaky one at that due to my large super strong coffee and then a Dr. Pepper at lunch.

And now apparently I will need to be the evil burglar attacker if Mr. H is just going to sleep away like that.


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