Awkward Friday’s

1. Please explain to me why the social security office has a machine that says self-service if you are not supposed to actually do any self servicing?

2. A women came into our office trying to sell some sort of phone system thing, she said it was her first day and she was really nervous. About an hour a later a guy came in from the same place, so I said a girl was just here doing the same spiel. After describing her and saying it was her first day he said yep she is in the wrong place. The poor girl is going to be so embarrassed I am sure when she is told she spent all day trying to sell stuff in the wrong place.

3. My bosses 4-year-old daughter came into work today and while my boss was in a meeting jumped around the corner and yelled surprise like a stripper coming out of a cake.

4. I went to buy my husband a valentine’s day present from our local butcher/deli and the guy insisted on carrying my package to the car. It was a jar of mustard, steak seasoning , and one 16 oz. beer. Did he think I was pregnant? (O and I also got a gift card so it was not such a weird present!)


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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