The Galway Girls – Europe Adventure Pt. 1

I landed in Dublin with a hostel booked and a grand bus trip around the island booked for a few days later. My plan was to just relax for a few days then on the bus trip find which city I liked the best and then try to find a job there. I was allowed to work in Ireland for three months then I planned on going to London and working.

Well as I took my time wandering around Dublin, I knew for sure this was not the place for me to work. Even with a map I was just walking around in circles all day and paying an arm and leg for a sandwich. I also had two really creepy experiences with some local men.

 The first to this day is super weird and if I would have been home I would have filed a report but as I was away I just filed into the think about later category. I went to the 02 store to get a cell phone and I was asking questions if I could later switch it to a British number and the guy behind the counter was like o yeah it just needs to be unlocked. I had no idea what that meant so I just agreed, paid for the phone and left. Later that day I was eating lunch in the park and lamenting about how I missed home when I received a text. With the time difference it could not have been anyone at home and I just got the phone  hours before.

It was the guy from the 02 store saying the phone was now unlocked. Seeing as I still did not know what that meant I figured great he helped me out end of story. Nope not end of story he continued to send me texts for about two weeks. He kept saying how he hoped I was having a good time and if I needed help just let him know. I finally texted back to basically leave me the hell alone and they stopped. So total invasion of privacy, I think so!!

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