Meals of the Week – Veggie Pot Pie Potatoes

This is the last week Mr. H is at the hospital before school starts up and I am so excited that I will get a break of trying to think of food that reheats and carries well for a few weeks.

Monday – Ham and Chicken Dirty Rice

Tuesday – Shepards Pie

Wednesday –  Spaghetti and Meatballs

Thursday – Pork Loin and Veggie Pot Pie Potatoes (recipe below)

Friday – Chipotle Chicken One Pot Pasta

Saturday – Korean Beef

Sunday – Leftovers


Veggie Pot Pie Potatoes Recipe

I made this recipe up a few weeks ago since I had some celery I needed to use up and Mr. H has asked if I will make it every week since! I am totally ok with that though since I love pot pie filling and potatoes!


600 grams of potatoes – I have been using King Edward

2 carrots diced

3 stalks of celery diced

1 onion diced

1-2 cups chicken broth

1 cup milk

75 grams butter/margarine

3 tbsp flour

salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, thyme

What to do:

Pre-heat oven to 400 F

Cut potatoes into thin slices and parboil – drain and set aside

In a large frying pan saute the onion in 70 grams of the fat till tender and then add in carrots and celery saute for a few more minutes seasoning with the salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. You want them to retain a bit of crunch but not be raw.

Stir in the flour making sure to coat the vegetables and get it all incorporated with the fat in the pan.

Slowly stir in the cup of milk making a nice roux.

Once the milk is all stirred it should be a very thick paste, now slowly start adding in the broth.

You want a thick gravy like mixture so I usually use just one cup of broth but it can vary so I like having the two cups ready.

Once your mixture is at the consistency you want add the thyme and taste test for seasoning.

Let it simmer on low while you layer half the potatoes in the bottom of a baking dish.

Pour over the veggie mixture and then layer the remaining potatoes on top.

Cover with the remaining butter and bake till golden and slightly crispy along the edges about 30 minutes.


If you want to change it up after 20 minutes in the oven you can take it out cover with thinly sliced ham/kassler cover with cheese and then put back in the oven.

Also to the filling you could add bacon or thinly sliced sausage to make a complete meal instead of side dish out of it.

Change up the veggies adding cabbage, peas, or bell pepper for insistence.

Sunday Currently – Socks On?

Primark Leopard Shoes

If you follow me on instagram you will have most likely seen my feet in these shoes already! Now that the weather has changed though I think Friday might have been the last hurrah for going out at night sockless. I will miss my flats so much but at least that awful tan line will be covered up!

Reading: High Five by Janet Evanovich, when I read the first in the series I was not sold but now that I know the series is out there I find myself picking up the next one when I am at the library.

Listening: 7 O’Clock News/Silent Night by Simon and Garfunkel, I do not go in much for politics and things on my blog but it is really interesting how the news broadcast in that song featuring items from August 3, 1966 mirror the news of these past weeks. If you can find a recording of it I highly suggest listening as it is a really moving piece.

Thinking: That Sundays are my favorite day of the week, I just love the no pressure hang around the house and cook a really hearty meal feeling they have lately.

Smelling: Vanilla Lipsmackers, I love it only if I am not going to eat or drink soon otherwise it is very overpowering.

Wishing: I had a proper rain jacket. I have a trench that is waterproof but it makes me look super short, well I am super short but it just adds to it.

Hoping: I can stay healthy, whenever the weather does a huge change I am prone to getting an asthma attack which with Mr. H having a whole week in between work and school coming up I would like to be healthy for it.

Wearing: Hoodies of all kinds, it was slightly overkill since it was only possible with the windows open but last night I put on a hoodie, long pj pants and socks and was so happy to feel snuggly again.

Loving: How we moved the bookcase in the kitchen, it was a really minor change but made it feel fresh and new again.

Wanting: Donuts, not just any donuts though I want some from a cheap place in California with a carton of chocolate milk.

Feeling: Invigorated, I am prone to being really moody in summer and I can feel myself opening up again and feeling excited to tackle new projects with the end of the season.

Watching: Last night we watched Skyfall, yes two years after it came out, and man is Daniel Craig sexy!


After Work Friday!

after work friday

In Sweden instead of Happy Hour they have After Work which is I think such a great term especially when we get to go! This weekend Mr. H has both Saturday and Sunday off so we are kicking it off with a bit of After Working and then pizza! First though I am going to the library and returning the massive pile of books that has been building up all summer and getting some new ones of course!

I am also really excited because it is nice and breezy and cool out so I can wear my new sleeveless hoodie! I bought it in July as part of a buy three get one free deal at Carlings and am so excited to finally wear it. I am not sure though what I am going to wear under but it will work itself out!

Other than that I have been bugging Mr. H to make me something baked so we will see if I wore him down.

Hope your weekend is full of laughter and sleep!!

About the Horse (that Mr. H ate)

Once the snow melted this year we noticed a new place had taken over a prime place in the town square. We kept seeing it full of people so one day in Spring we strolled over and read the menu. Immediately Mr. H wanted to eat there as they had horse steak on the menu. Mr. H loves to try new and slightly weird and crazy food, I swear I have not stopped hearing about the steak and kidney pie he had when we met up with Emma in June, so we decided when my family visited in June we would go.

Well the night they were to arrive we decided to have a drink there and make sure it would be a good place to take them.

Torget 1

It was super cute inside, and the owner was speaking a mix of English and French which just added to its charm.

Torget 2

With Torget thoroughly vetted we knew we would be back.

The night we finally decided to go with my family Mr. H ended up having to home early and study so he missed out. There are also no pictures from that meal for some reason but it was such a fun experience I knew Mr. H needed to eat there so we decided for my birthday.

Then he had to work over my whole birthday weekend so finally after months of wanting to try the horse we made it happen on the 2nd!

Horse Steak Torget

So Mr. H may be an adventurous eater but I tend to well not be but the steak looked normal as you can see so I was brave and tried it and guess what it was amazing! It tasted like a mix of lamb and elk, gamey but not overly so and had an almost melt in your mouth quality to it.

We did of course need to make some lame Mr. Ed style jokes but Mr. H was very happy to check horse of his list of foods tried and I was too!

If you are in Sundsvall, hahaha like that will happen, you should check it out or find horse near you and eat up!

Torget Brasserie de Charcuterie

A name is a name is a name


My dad is named Robert as is my mothers brother. My dad has always been called Robert and my uncle Bobby, so much so that Mr. H did not even know my uncle was named Robert till we had been together for like two years.

The thing is my dad would be ok if you called him Robbie, his mom actually used to on occasion, or Bob or Rob my mom however would give you such stink eye. She will even correct a person on the phone if they call and ask for Robbie.

With her militant stance for calling people by their full name she made a point of naming her children names that had no common nickname nor could they easily be made into one. She was also pretty adamant that we would be the only one in our grade with our name which she managed for the first two but they went with a Biblical name for the youngest and you cannot escape other people using it sometimes.

She did a great job though with me as I have never been called anything besides Bailie, even Mr. H has tried to give me a nickname and failed as my mom did such a good job of ingraining that I was Bailie just Bailie.

Funnily enough though my brothers and I love to give people and things nicknames. I have at least three I use interchangeably for Mr. H, they are so common in our house that if I call him by his actual name he gets all worried that something is wrong.

Like I said though we do not just stop at people we love to shorten or nickname EVERYTHING!

In our house these are used all the time with no explanation needed:

The A Store – Åhléns

The Boob Store – Öob

P&R – Parks and Recreation

A Dad – American Dad

Pal – What I call my grandpa, I am the only grandchild to do this

Ghost mug – White and black mugs we have, they are small so we will even use to ask what size in relation to other mugs

Grillers – Sandwiches with melted cheese made in the oven

Ok I think you get the idea! It is such a funny way to end up rebelling against your parents though huh and to still be doing it at 29!

So are you in the nickname love or hate camp?

Meals of the Week – Thai Red Curry

I tried something new last week, each time I or Mr. H said something sounded good I wrote it on the list on the fridge so this week I already had three meals planned! Made it easy and now I am really excited to eat them.

Monday – Pork Loin, Rice Pilaf, and Green Beans

Tuesday – Kassler and Potatoes au Gratin

Wednesday – Tuna Noodle Casserole

Thursday – Chicken Broccoli Braided Flat Pie

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – Soft Tacos

Sunday – Cottage Bacon Mac n’ Cheese

Monday – Chicken and Rice Surprise – Mr. H will be working so I will make something featuring chicken, rice, and all the bits and bobs left from the week


Thai Red Curry

This started out as a Mr. H recipe, he was in the mood for something different and found a recipe on a Swedish site. Well that was over two years ago and now I have tweaked it here and there and made it my own and I highly doubt Mr. H will be cooking it again!


1 lb / 450 grams meat –  I usually use either two chicken breast or one pork loin

1 can coconut milk

1 green bell pepper – diced

1 leek – cut in half and then sliced

1 tbsp sugar

3 tbsp red curry paste

1 chicken bouillon cube

juice from 1/2 lime

1/2 – 1 cup water


salt and pepper


What to do:

Cut the meat into bite size pieces

Season the meat with salt and pepper then toss with flour in a high sided bowl

Heat the oil in a medium size pot (I use my dutch oven)

Brown the meat in batches and set aside

In the same pot combine the curry paste, coconut milk, sugar, bouillon cube, and lime juice and bring to a boil

Add the browned meat to the mixture and add the water so the meat is covered in sauce

Simmer for 10-15 minutes stirring occasionally

While that is simmering gently cook the leek and bell pepper in a separate pan adding to the curry in the last few minutes

Serve over rice with lime wedges and sriracha

Sunday Currently – Mildly Less Sweaty

sunday currently august 10

Friday night there was a huge thunderstorm which has helped make it just slightly more enjoyable weather wise. I am sure though I am speaking to soon but the good thing about living so far north is that you know it cannot last that much longer. Even Mr. H messaged me this yesterday “think of peppermint mochas, pumpkin bread, mmm fall”! So yeah Grandma if you are reading us Hemborg’s are ready for any and all pumpkin things or your pumpkin bread recipe and a can of pumpkin!

Reading: Not much, I have a hard time reading when I feel like a walking fountain but I already am planning on which book to read when the leaves change color.

Listening: This morning it is all about classical music on the piano, I always wonder if my neighbors are the sort that hate classical music and would prefer if I was listening to say rap at 11:30 on a Sunday morning .

Thinking: That I have a really clean fridge, no but I read this article on The Kitchn yesterday about how long to keep your condiments and was flabbergasted at the comments. I do not know if we just love condiments but I cannot imagine having any of the things listed in my fridge for longer than stated or for that amount of time at all.

Smelling: The new body soap I bought called Spring Rain, normally I buy a flowery or citrus type one and Mr. H buys a sports type one but I wanted one we could both us and have to say it is not my favorite but it does its job so just about 900 ml to go!

Wishing: The busses were on a better schedule today since a coffee in town sounds really nice.

Hoping: That no mean bugs fly in the house, we have been really lucky this summer compared to Southern Sweden that the mean bugs have not been abundant and I am happy to keep it that way.

Wearing: Long pants!!!! I love my capri length Old Navy pants but it feels good to not be sweating just because I covered my ankles.

Loving: Straws, when I last went to the mall I picked up a pack from IKEA and not only did they randomly color match my french press they are just so fun. Last week when we were having some sparkling water I put it in a glass with ice cubes and a straw and Mr. H said he felt like he was at an American restaurant!

Wanting: Some red and green cloth napkins or heavy dish towels to embroider for Christmas.

Needing: To do some dishes and finish up a project I started for a friend.

Feeling: Rested, this morning I woke up when Mr. H left for work at 6 but was able to fall asleep again at 8:30 and then slept till 11!

Watching:  Charmed, I was watching the UK version of Being Human but I needed a break since it is really intense and am loving the nostalgia factor of Charmed. Also it is great for watching while embroidering as you do not have to closely monitor the plot line of the episodes.

So what have you been up to lately?

Mellow Weekend after Little Friday

In Sweden when you have a big night during the week you sometimes will call it Little Friday.

little thursday snacks

Well we had ourselves a Little Friday last night!

Since Mr. H is working this weekend we did up Thursday real good. We had beers from Sweden, America, England, Mexico and the Czech Republic you know since we are equal opportunity beer drinkers!

We also made hot wings and had pepperoni pizza which filled us up but we still managed to eat some crisps and a little bag of gummy bears.

Along with all the eating we played games and tested our brain power on knowing all 50 states (I will not tell you how poorly I did but suffice to say if I ever go back to school I should take a geography class).

Then it started thundering with some great lightning so we watched that before admitting defeat and headed to bed.

Today we have big plans to buy some chicken and tuna since they are on sale and watch TV I think.

Then this weekend I shall entertain myself with nail painting and book reading while Mr. H does his taking care of sick people thing!

Hope your weekend is easy breezy fun!

Thoughtful Thursday IV

thoughtful thursday

1. I wanted to just do IIII in the post title and then was like nah this is the internet and someone will freak out be like that is not how one does Roman numerals. O and I felt a tiny bit smart that I remembered how to do it right because I mean really in my housewife line of work they do not come up often.

2. Laura has up the links for all the Day in the Life posts and they are super fun to read, especially if you like a good old fashioned nosy blog post. Check them out here.

3. The internet is totally crazy and weird sometimes. In March of 2012 I posted a recipe for Honey Pork Ramen then in October 2013 I linked to it in a comments section on This Week for Dinner relating to a post she did on making ramen at home. Then on Tuesday I logged onto WordPress and was shocked to see a huge spike in my stats, that post over the last three days has gotten 796 views!!! It is honestly just boggling my mind but go forth and eat ramen I guess!

4. Mr. H and I have this joke that depending on how much I read in a day you can tell how sick I am but now it has changed to how many pictures I post on instagram. The other day I was not feeling well and when Mr. H came home from work he was amazed I had not posted one picture compared to the day before where it was close to 8 or something.

5. We started watching House and got through 1 1/2 Seasons before Mr. H was like I get enough medical drama at work so we went back to nature documentaries and The Nanny which I love. I get to watch the same shows I did as a kid but now I can stay up late and eat snacks on the couch while I do with no mom telling me about bed times.

6. Speaking of awesome stuff from the 90’s today I could not go back to sleep after Mr. H left for work so I curled up on the couch with my iPad and put on Charmed. Ahhh brings back so many memories and makes me miss clothes that are long gone and I could never fit into now anyways.

7. I often do not think of Mr. H and I being from different countries, I guess after all these years I am just used to it. Well last night he was feeling nostalgic I guess and started playing all sorts of techno dance music and I was like O yeah you are from Europe and when you used to go out this stuff would play. I kept trying to hold in my laughter because it is just so funny to see him listen to it instead of his usual metal and rock.

8. The youngest of my brothers is 13 and has been emailing me lately and they are so fun and refreshing to read. He just types out what is on his mind with no pretenses and is so excited about life. My mom took him to a used/vintage clothes store we used to go to but from his email it was like they discovered it Indiana Jones style and could I imagine how amazing it was and he got a vintage t shirt for school.  Also I told him about my lunch at the mall and he had no idea what a panini was which made me reflect on how what is so obvious to me at 29 is still all new and waiting to be found for him.

9. Tonight we are having hot wings and pizza which we are making at home and is fun but I really miss our place in Newport Beach sometimes and how we could just order a pizza and hot wings for less than $20 and get it right to our door.

10. I had to have ten bullet points because it needed to be a nice even number, are you like that too?

Meals of the Week – Spicy Basil and Lemon Noodles

Last week there was tons of discounted meat at the grocery store so we stocked up and doing up the meal plan this week was a breeze!

Monday – Cheesy Beef and Rice Burritos – I did up a enchilada sauce I baked them

Tuesday – Pot Pie Potato Bake with Pork Loin

Wednesday – Southwest Chicken One Pot Noodles

Thursday – Hot Wings and Pizza – You just need a night like that sometimes

Friday – Hawaiian BBQ and Spicy Coleslaw Wraps with Mashed Black Beans

Saturday – Stir Fry

Sunday – Reither Goulash


Spicy Basil Lemon Noodles

I made this a few weeks ago to accompany some salmon and really loved how fresh it tasted. One thing to note is you can serve it as a cold salad right away or make the sauce ahead of time to toss with hot noodles. I made it ahead of time and then reheated it fastly in the hot frying pan I used to cook the salmon.

Ingredients and What to Do:


In a small bowl mix together:

3 dl gräddfil – if you do not have access to gräddfil you can use creme fraiche or plain food yogurt

Juice and zest from half a lemon

2 garlic cloves grated

1 tsp red pepper flakes – if you do not love spicy food reduce or omit this

Basil – I used 15 grams frozen chopped basil, if using fresh I would start slow till you get to the taste you desire

Salt to taste

Once all ingredients are mixed together chill in fridge till ready to use, I would suggest chilling for at least 10 minutes to let all the flavors combine.