Friday!!!!!!! Exciting Things!!!! Yay!!!!!

I am so happy it is Friday, this weekend Mr. H has a proper weekend and we have plans people!

First is going to the grocery store and stocking up on snacks so we can watch this in style tonight:


It has been the talk of our house for weeks. I asked Mr. H last night how many episodes we should watch Friday, and he looked over at my incredulously and said 6. That would be all the episodes if you do not know.

Then on Saturday we are going to make hot wings and drink wine before going out to dinner. We have been planning to go out this weekend since like June and I am so excited it is finally here. The restaurant we are going to serves horse and Mr. H keeps saying he is going to order it but we will see if he does when it comes down to it!

Then Sunday we figure we might be uhhh a bit on the slow moving side, so the only plans we have are to do with dinner. I am making spaghetti, if it was up to Mr. H we would eat spaghetti  every week but that is too much for me so I try to keep it to once a month. It is the perfect meal for a slow Sunday though as it takes very little effort!

Well I have now had two mugs of iced coffee so that explains all the !!!!! Seriously though I am having a serious love affair with iced coffee right now.

And that wraps up all things Friday, hope you have a stupendously wonderful weekend!

O and do not forget to check out the embroidery video I did! it is the perfect cold weather hobby and believe me it will be cold out before we know it!

Into to Embroidery: Part Two with Video Demonstration

Intro to embroidery

Part One

Welcome to part two of my embroidery series, today I will discuss starting and finishing a project for beginners.

- Pick a pattern – For your first project it is best to pick a pattern that has limited small detail and you can finish in a timely manner like the one pictured below.

February embroidery

- Cut your pattern out and iron on – Give yourself enough of an edge to be able to hold it down while ironing while not infringing on the other patterns in the pack. Also making sure only the pattern you want is there, the picture below you can see the pattern number still there which I would first cut away before ironing on.

December embroidery pattern

- Start Stitching!

Really that is all that you need to do to prep once you have all your essentials I mentioned in post one!

As far as stitches go there are many out there and I recommend to pick one and practice it till it becomes second nature before trying a new one.

After the video I will link to two great tutorial for basic stitches.

Intro to Embroidery from Bailie Hemborg on Vimeo.

Sublime Stitching – Back Stitch

Sublime Stitching – Split Stitch

Thanks for watching and reading and please let me know any questions!

Do You Understand My Words?

Agatha Christie Quote


I read this line last week in the collection of short stories by Agatha Christie I was reading and had to read it out to Mr. H immediately and then could not stop thinking about it.

When I blog I am often so sure of what I want to say but putting it down into words on the screen distorts it slightly and then once it is read it once again gets distorted so I wonder how much of my meaning is felt.

That is how words are though they are uncertain things, we can use them for good and bad and so much in between. We can also  feel that our words do not matter, that we will make no difference with them but I do not think that is true.

I think that even when I get discouraged about blogging putting my ideas and words out for others to read is important. It is important for all stories to be heard even if they are about a housewife in the middle of nowhere Sweden as my life is meaningful and therefore my words are as well.

So I will keep blogging even though I sometimes agonize over the words or what people will think I mean and you should do the same.

Meals of the Week – Spicy Coleslaw Beef Wraps

This week I got a bit grumpy with Mr. H while planning which was unfair as he only said he did not care for something I was planning. I sometimes find it hard to remember that it is not only me eating what I cook and especially if he tries to come up with something else I need to listen!

Monday – Beef Bowls with Broccoli

Tuesday – Sweet and Sour Pork

Wednesday – Thai Red Curry

Thursday – Chicken, Mash, and Green Beans – We had this on Sunday too!

Friday – BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Potato Salad

Saturday – Eating Out!!!!

Sunday – Spaghetti


Spicy Coleslaw beef wraps

I made this week and was ready to eat my three and then Mr. H’s three then go to the store to make more!


Thinly sliced and seasoned beef – I used about 300 grams

1/2 small head of cabbage

1 carrot

1 1/2 dl grädfill – you can also use creme fraiche or a food yogurt

Hot sauce – I used sriracha

1 tomato diced

1/3 of a cucumber diced

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

Crumbly salty cheese like salladost, feta, or cotija

Tortillas or other flat bread of your choice

What to do:

Finely shred the cabbage and carrot, I used my food processor, then combine with the juice from the lemon, grädfill, hot sauce, and salt. Once combined and taste tested refrigerate.

Grill meat either on the stove or BBQ, I used our ridged grill pan, and cut into thin slices.

grilled meat

Layer tortillas with coleslaw, meat, veggies and then cheese!

Perfect Fall Day

John Donne Autum quote

Yesterday I wrote that at breakfast I was waxing on about my perfect fall day to Mr. H and Amanda asked what it was so I thought I would share today and let me know in the comments what yours is!

First is waking up in bed not hot and sweaty. Then a breakfast with fresh rolls, cheese, and giant mugs of hot coffee.

fall leaves

After breakfast a shower that I stay dry after because the humidity is super low and I can get dressed in a big sweater and leggings.

Then we head out for a leisurely  stroll to the lake and enjoy nature without a fear of tick bites.

ducks in the pond fall

Upon arriving home we have a lunch of soup and buttered bread then settle into a reading session with mugs of tea.

I then put a nice roast in the oven and we play a game of Scrabble as the house fills with wonderful smells.

autumn fog with trees

As night falls we snuggle up under blankets and watch Hocus Pocus with a giant bowl of popcorn and are quite happy and content with our perfect fall day.

Sunday Currently – Julys End

avon gorge

How wonderful would it be to be floating along a river in a boat today? So wonderful in case you were unsure, so wonderful.

Reading: I just finished a collection of short stories, Partners in Crime, featuring my second and third favorite Agatha Christie characters. If you have never read any of her Tommy and Tuppence work I highly suggest it as they are so quirky. It was my 11th Christie book this year and I have two more in line!

Writing: The second part of my Intro to Embroidery series, I am trying to decide if I should add a short video to it as well.

Listening: To Debussy, before Mr. H went to work he had on some metal playlist and once he left I switched over to classical. The two support each other rather well though.

Thinking: About fall non-stop, it is getting out of hand but today at breakfast I told Mr. H in detail my perfect fall Sunday so hopefully he stored it in the memory bank for October.

Smelling: Summer, the sun is baking the trees and grass so it smells very naturey at the moment.

Wishing: Will you stop reading right now if I say cooler weather? Ok fine how about I am wishing that warm weather motivated me, I know some people thrive on the warmth and sun but it drains me.

Hoping: That the cold brewed coffee I am going to attempt tonight works out well!

Wearing: My one and only summer dress, it is blue and white striped so I feel rather jaunty when I wear it.

Loving: Peanut M&M’s, they were on special this week and they are just such little pieces of heavenly goodness.

Wanting: The leftovers I sent to work with Mr. H, they were such good wraps I made last night that if I could I would have hoarded it all to myself.

Needing: An attitude adjustment, there is only so much wallowing in heat induced melancholy a 29 yr old can do before every blog post is a rant and the house needs some serious attention.

Feeling: Well I think we covered that one already.

Watching: Being Human, the UK version, have you seen this show? I am totally hooked and cannot stop watching even though it gives me some crazy dreams I just have to know what is going to happen to Annie, George, and Mitchell (especially Mitchell).

With Dreams of Cheese

me in bishops arms

Hello and Happy Friday!!!!

To help beat the heat or actually pretend it was not a thing we went out for drinks last night.

It was so fun and we got hungry so we ordered a cheese platter and a side of chips. It was so good, I could eat it again right now!


The top picture is from the same place even same table from last week! We are becoming quite the regulars but with good priced cider it is hard to stay away.

Well the rest of our weekend is low key and easy.

Hope yours is wonderful!

Heatful Thursday (Thoughtful Thursday with my thoughts all scrambled from heat)

cider proverb

1. Love this random proverb I came across online

2. My husband is just so cute

3. Cider really is awesome and if you agree you should try these two

4. This is my post today because my brain is on hold function from the heat

5. I think that is why I did bad in school I just decided, it was just too hot for my to focus in geometry it had nothing to do with my total lack of caring about math it was because it was hot

6. I just put 7 and then was like wait 7 is not after 5, see math and heat do not mix in head well

7. I have a rug hanging over the side of the balcony and for some reason it looks really I live in Europe to me

8. Everytime I try and type balcony it kept coming out baloney which is pretty different

9. Today when I got dressed I just put on a long tank top and then was like ehhhh that will do who needs bottoms

10. Goodreads is being a butthead and not letting me log in so sad

I Am Complaining About The Weather



I could so go for about a gallon of  iced tea right right now. Even though I am from Southern California which is warm I just really hate being hot. You would really think I would be used to it but I just really hate it. When I was a teenager I used to tell anyone that would listen that I could not wait to move somewhere that was cold and when they would inevitably ask if I would miss the beach I would say that is what vacation is for!

So I moved somewhere with a really long cold winter and never even considered the hot humid summer.

Tomorrow I am going to the mall and just sitting in there for the AC. Well I think they have AC I am not usually hot when I am there, either way though it will be better than my apartment with no AC or fans.

So yeah this is a whole post about how I am hot and grumpy!!!

Are you hot and grumpy too?

I think I will go watch TV now and pretend it is winter, mind over matter right….

Meals of the Week – Kassler and Rice Bowl

This week I am going low key as it is just too hot for anything complicated!

Monday – Sausage Potato Bake

Tuesday – Chicken and Teriyaki Noodles (never did these last week)

Wednesday – Chicken and Broccoli Rice

Thursday – Salmon and Basil Noodles

Friday – Lamb Roast and Potatoes

Saturday – Steak Wraps

Sunday – Some sort of Quiche


Like I said summer is all for easy meals and minimal oven usage, which is why throwing some ingredients in a bowl with rice is so great!

ham and rice bowl

I made this on Friday night, I was home alone on my birthday and just wanted a me type meal. Nothing fancy or award winning but that would fill me up and make me happy.

I fried up some kassler, shredded carrots, then added it to my rice with a crumbling of salladost and then soy sauce and sriracha.

It was so good and I cannot wait for another night to make it!

What do you like to put on your rice?