I Am Complaining About The Weather



I could so go for about a gallon of  iced tea right right now. Even though I am from Southern California which is warm I just really hate being hot. You would really think I would be used to it but I just really hate it. When I was a teenager I used to tell anyone that would listen that I could not wait to move somewhere that was cold and when they would inevitably ask if I would miss the beach I would say that is what vacation is for!

So I moved somewhere with a really long cold winter and never even considered the hot humid summer.

Tomorrow I am going to the mall and just sitting in there for the AC. Well I think they have AC I am not usually hot when I am there, either way though it will be better than my apartment with no AC or fans.

So yeah this is a whole post about how I am hot and grumpy!!!

Are you hot and grumpy too?

I think I will go watch TV now and pretend it is winter, mind over matter right….

Meals of the Week – Kassler and Rice Bowl

This week I am going low key as it is just too hot for anything complicated!

Monday – Sausage Potato Bake

Tuesday – Chicken and Teriyaki Noodles (never did these last week)

Wednesday – Chicken and Broccoli Rice

Thursday – Salmon and Basil Noodles

Friday – Lamb Roast and Potatoes

Saturday – Steak Wraps

Sunday – Some sort of Quiche


Like I said summer is all for easy meals and minimal oven usage, which is why throwing some ingredients in a bowl with rice is so great!

ham and rice bowl

I made this on Friday night, I was home alone on my birthday and just wanted a me type meal. Nothing fancy or award winning but that would fill me up and make me happy.

I fried up some kassler, shredded carrots, then added it to my rice with a crumbling of salladost and then soy sauce and sriracha.

It was so good and I cannot wait for another night to make it!

What do you like to put on your rice?

Sunday Currently – The Post Birthday Weekend

Fredrik breakfast july

This week Mr. H had to work 6 days so it feels like I have barely seen him but he really did give me such a great birthday. This is our breakfast we had on Friday, he went down the store while I was still sleeping and bought fresh rolls, veggies, brie, and lunch meat from the deli. It was so fun and felt like we were on vacation and was a great start to the day.

Reading: The Third Girl by Agatha Christie, the cover is really creepy and so I keep putting it face down on my nightstand!

Listening: To a really awesome playlist on Spotify called Have A Great Day!, it is filled with songs you know all the words to so I have been having a great sing along with myself this morning.

Thinking: What I should get with my birthday money, being far away from all of our relatives means money for birthday presents and that I should go to the mall and see what is there! I am thinking of getting a new apron and some hair dye.

Smelling: Coffee, if I did not need to wash the French Press I think I would make myself more but tea is easier!

Wishing: I had enough money to fly my brothers out to see me, I Skyped with them on Friday and kept thinking how much they would love it here in Sundsvall.

Hoping: For a peaceful evening of Scrabble playing and finally having some time with Mr. H.

Wearing: If I could I would just be sitting here in my bathing suit but alas it is in California, not but seriously I cannot wait for cooler weather and sweater wearing.

Loving: Instagramming, seriously though it is so cliche but it is so fun!

Wanting: To not be sweaty anymore, you know how there are people who move with the sun I think I would like to do the opposite. Live constantly where the weather is in the fifties constantly sounds great.

Needing: A good walk, I want to get out and stretch my legs but like I said above the sweat factor is just too much right now.

Feeling: So very happy from all the birthday messages, the internet is so great that way makes you feel so special having birthday messages from all over the world!

Watching: This week we have been watching a couple episodes of The Nanny before bed and it makes me laugh so much, I remember watching it as a kid and I think we are enjoying just as much now as we did then.

Intro to Embroidery: Part I

Intro to embroidery

I have been embroidering for about two years and am mostly self taught. It is a great and relaxing hobby with low costs and great reward. I have embroidered items for our use and to give as presents.

I wanted to share some basic information if anyone is interested in doing their own embroidery. Today I am sharing what you need and next week what to do.

What you need:

Embroidery Hoop – You will want to start with two medium sizes, as you progress you will find what your preference is but for me a large hoop is too big for my hands and I very rarely need a small or mini one. Two medium gives me one to use actively in projects and one to display items

Needles – It is always good to have a few in case they go missing, they sell packs that have a few sizes which I suggest so you can once again find the size that works for you

Needle Threader – The one I prefer is pictured below, now I have four as one of these going missing will halt your whole embroidery project

needle threaderFabric – To start I suggest a tight woven white fabric, it does not need to be 100% cotton but if it is you should wash it in hot water and dry it first. I bought a few meters from a local fabric store cheaply and have been cutting it for my monthly project, an alphabet project, and some nature ones for my dad. You can also try a plain cotton/canvas bag or find some pre-printed pieces from craft stores. The pre-printed pieces can be a great way to start and feel comfortable.

Patterns – If you are not going to use a pre-printed piece you can find a wide variety of patterns for cheap. I really like the Aunt Marthas selection of patterns by Colonial Patterns, this is the month one I have been working on. As the months have gone on I have been able to see my skills improve and they make a fun decoration for us.

Iron  & Ironing Board – You will need to iron the fabric and also the patterns are iron on, I have a table top ironing board from IKEA and the iron Mr. H had before we met.

Thread – For starting out buy a pack of thread like the one pictured below. While you are getting use to everything there is really no need to be using really fancy thread. I am still using thread like this and love it, the only addition I have made is buying some grey for special purposes like Santas beard.


Scissors – I do not have special ones, I would like to get some soon but for starting out scissors that cut clean work great.

Pin cushion – I have two, one of the traditional tomato looking ones and then one my grandma bought me in Chinatown in San Francisco. The key is to have one that is a bit heavy for me as my smaller tomato one tended to roll away from me.

That is all the basic items you need to get started, other items like a way to organize your thread or place to store your other supplies just comes with time and seeing more of what your needs and space will allow. For now I keep my supplies in a bag Mr. H got as part of a nursing union thing, not perfect but it works!

This is My 29

this is my 29 final


Well today I turned 29. I was feeling a bit apprehensive about it earlier in the month but managed not to cry like I did on my 25th so I am aging gracefully I guess!

I am not doing a 30 before 30 list or anything like that I am just going to enjoy this year. Take it in stride and relish the last year of my twenties.

I am going to treat myself well, encourage myself to take risks, and love my husband with all my heart.

I am going to be sure that I am following the path in life that is perfect for me.

I am feeling really great about 29.

My Solo Weekend

I have always lived with people, from 1 other person to 30 that is just how it has been. That means in my whole life I have been alone all night in a place at most 10 times. This past weekend though was the first time in 6 years I was home all alone all night and not just one night but two!

I knew it was coming for months since we decided that Mr. H would go to his sisters wedding solo so I kept trying to plan it out in my head. I knew that if I planned what I would eat, shows I would watch, and things I would do it would be easier for me.

I can understand that many people will think it is totally sad that at a week shy of 29 I would feel so apprehensive about being alone but it really is just not the norm for me.

Anyways I kept getting annoyed at myself for having the terms “girls weekend” pop into my head over it as just because I was going to be home alone did not mean I going to do some weird girl rituals I would just be a person at home.

However I think that I ended up in falling into a few stereotypes!

cheese and cracker meal

Everyone knows there is no need to cook if you have some cheese and crackers handy right? I even had salami and skagenröra so it was deluxe!

Photo on 7-13-14 at 12.03 AM

Watching TV in bed is awesome, especially if you have the whole king size bed to yourself, and you have ice cream, and you can take a picture of yourself to send to your husband. I think I am going to do this on my birthday as it was just that much fun.

reading in bed

Over the weekend I managed to read two books since I could read peacefully with no need to get up and do dishes or make dinner since the cheese and crackers take about 2 minutes.

full blogging set up

I also spread out my stuff and blogged and read various things online for ages then just left everything to deal with later or when the next round of blogging hit me!

After all my worrying it turned out feeling just like Mr. H had some very long shifts but I still prefer him home if I can choose!

The Sights of Bristol

Bristol 1

By the time we got to Bristol on our trip I was pretty sick, honestly the first day all I could think about was being on my couch at home watching Netflix. We had come all that way though so I rallied and we were able to see some great sights.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Mr. H and I love animal centric sights and out of the many we have visited Bristol Zoo Gardens is at the top of the list. The size was wonderful and it was very interactive making the experience really exciting.

Zoo Collage

All animals we saw were very active and in the Twilight World area we saw animals we had never seen or heard of before and the place was totally dark and creepy which was fun to scare each other in!

The only downside was the food was on the bland side from the restaurant but it seemed many people had brought picnics which seemed like a great idea. If you are in the area I would highly suggest a visit.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

After our trip to the zoo we headed over to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge. This link will tell you all the technical details of the bridge so I will not go into all if but I will tell you it was really exciting to walk across. Out of the five of us only three walked across, Mr. H, me, and my grandpa, and we took about half an hour looking at the views and reading the various plaques they had around.

Clifton Downs

While we were being adventurous on the bridge my grandma and aunt sat here on a bench enjoying the views, and apparently some amorous antics of a couple! When we joined them I was bummed I did not have a can of cider and a bag of crisps to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with.

Brunels SS

The last sight we visited was Brunel’s ss Great Britain which was amazing. Not only do you get to walk around the fully restored boat that had interactive exhibits, there is a museum complete with dress up chest and picture back drop, but the whole area is done up to make it feel like you are getting on the boat like the passengers would have. O yeah and we got to go into the library area and have grad students show us old slides which I loved and the guides were super friendly and informative.

ss great britain collage

We spent at least two hours exploring what was on offer and then sat in their little cafe having a cold drink and enjoying the view of the river. The only thing we found a bit tricky was getting there, we took the bus and it was not a great experience but we left via water taxi which was great and what I would recommend.

We really enjoyed the sights we saw in Bristol and they would make a great vacation for just about anybody!

Some of This and That

I have like 5 half done posts but today I am a total funk so finishing them is way past my current brain function. So here is some this and that instead that is clogging up my thinking.

H&M sale finds

-Yesterday we went to town for lunch and check out the summer sales. I got this loot at H&M for super cheap and was so excited!

Shampoo and Conditioner – originally 39.50 each were on sale for 10 each

Nail Polish – originally 39.50 was also 10

Perfume – originally 49.50 was also 10

So what would have cost 168 kr ($24.70)  I got for 40 kr ($5.87)!!!!

The shampoo and conditioner smell really good too and I am so bummed I have to wait and use up the ones I already have open!

I think I will head back after I get some birthday money and see what is left.

O and when we were looking Mr. H was super excited about the hair stuff and perfume and then was like do you need more nail polish and the look he got made him not say anything else! I mean really of course I need more nail polish what kind of question is that?!?!

-This past weekend Mr. H’s sister gave him her old iphone 4 which is in perfect condition which means I got Mr. H’s old iphone so I am no longer a blogger without a smart phone!

That also means I am once again back to the world of instagramming, I know priorities right not like being able to reached easily is important or anything. Honestly my mom called yesterday and was like what is your deal with never having a phone on and I was like no I will now and secretly in my head I was like so I can instagram but outloud was like to talk to you mom!  So if you want follow me and see all the really exciting things like me reading on the couch and my post nap face you can!

Instagram – hemborgwife

-There are so many dishes that need to be washed that if I keep procrastinating I will not eat dinner till midnight since I cannot stand cooking in a dirty kitchen.

- I also should workout but I took a nap and I never take naps so I am going to pretend I took a nap because I am sick and therefore cannot work out today. Seems smart to me.

- I just listened to tons of Simon and Garfunkel without realizing it, do you ever do that put on something in this case it was Joan Baez and then suddenly you realize that ended like 4o minutes ago and now you are listening to something totally different?

- I am sad I have no ice cream.

Talk later

Meals of the Week – One Meal Three Servings – Cooking For Leftovers

This week I had a fairly easy time meal planning since I have those extras from my grandparents care package in the pantry!

Monday – Chicken and Pasta Salad

Tuesday – Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday – Smothered Burritos

Thursday - Pizza Lasagna Rolls – ever since I blogged about them last week I have wanted them!

Friday – Birthday Dinner – I am going to decide Friday what sounds good

Saturday – Teriyaki Noodle Stir Fry

Sunday – Not sure yet waiting for the ad to come out tomorrow


one meal three servings

Almost every meal I cook I intend to get multiple servings from it, it is a great way for me to save both time and money.

My main priority is usually dinner and then at least one portable serving for Mr. H to take to work or school. That means most of our meals have a minimum of three servings if not four.

When Mr. H is working a night shift I usually do the set up above. I do my dinner portion and then his portion for work the next day straight into a container and then any remaining into another container for my lunch.

This way I not only ensure Mr. H’s has a good portion for his meal but that I make my portion a reasonable size as well.

Here are a few tips I have found to help keep costs down for us and ensure leftovers:

1. Rice for solo nights, Pasta for together nights – If I maker rice when home alone I only need to make one cup and I will have enough for dinner and leftovers, if I make rice when Mr. H is home I have to make 1 1/2 cups to ensure dinner and leftovers so I usually plan rice dinner for nights he is working. Pasta on the other hand is cheaper and in a recipe like pasta salad will give me four servings vs the two the rice will pricewise.

2. Chicken for solo nights, Mince for together nights – Same as with rice and pasta for a solo night I can get away with one chicken breast vs two on a together night whereas a pound of mince will give me four servings.

3. Potatoes are versatile – Growing up I only had potatoes baked or mashed, in Sweden though they are very cheap (like $0.50/lb) so I started using them more and more. These are two of my favorites Mince and Potato Gratin and Sam Crow Casserole.

4. Utilize lunchmeats – We like to have some sort of protein in each meal and I have found things from the deli counter like ham and pepperoni are great and often cheaper than a pork loin or chicken! This also goes for bacon as well like in my Cottage Mac n’ Cheese, the bacon gives it that little extra but you could swap it out for some salami or even pastrami!

5. Cabbage and Carrots – Anytime I make a stir fry I add cabbage, thinly sliced in the food processor and cooked down it adds bulk but absorbs the stir fry flavors. I also will lightly fry it and add it to mash that I put over pies as once again it adds bulk to fill you up and is cheap. Now carrots you can shred and all to all sorts of things which will once again add bulk and vitamins, woohoo vitamins! I usually add them to my sloppy joes and spaghetti sauce as well as stir frys.

6. Beans – It took Mr. H a bit but we now have beans at least two times a week, as they once again add bulk and good nutrient to meals with being really cheap. I would say just about any Mexican themed meal we have has beans and I just find other places to add them in. My two favorites to use are kidney and black beans, kidney beans work really well with potatoes and in stews and soups and black beans work great with Mexican food.

Hope you liked these tips and let me know if you have any!

Sunday Currently –

Photo on 7-7-14 at 5.52 PM #2

I am always much more inclined to fix something up that I already have instead of buying something new so this past week when I washed my makeup brushes I decided the case needed some love as well. I have had it for probably 5 years and it was falling apart but it was nothing a little packing tape could not fix! I also added a few gold stars because gold stars are awesome. Now it should last till December when I can get a new one in California!

Reading:  In the box my grandparents sent there were three Charlaine Harris books. One from her Aurora Teagarden series which I read on Friday and then two from her Lily Bard series one of which I read yesterday and the last I started this morning. I told myself to pace them out but once I started I could not help myself!

Listening: To Chopin, when I am home alone I just love to listen to classical music real loud and ever since I noticed they now have Impromptu on Netflix I have been in a Chopin mood.

Thinking: I do not understand the hashtag #keepthefaith, whenever I see it I want to comment “what faith?” but do not want to be rude. So if you use let me know why and if you think it is silly then let me know too!

Smelling: English Breakfast tea, today was the first day all week that it was cool enough so a cup of tea with breakfast sounded good.

Wishing: Mr. H did not have to work on my birthday but that is grown up life I guess.

Hoping: For rain, like I said all week it has been hot and humid so a good downpour would feel so lovely.

Wearing: PJ shorts and a white tank top since I know I am not going to eat anything messy today I felt my white tank top would be in trouble!

Loving: All of the comments on my post I did last night, it was something that I have been thinking about for a long time and all of a sudden it just came together.

Wanting: Mint n chip ice cream, I went to get some Friday but there was none and now I will be thinking about it till I track some down!

Needing: To call home, it has been a month since I have talked to my mom!

Feeling: Proud, this week I managed to do 5 workouts after only 3 last week.

Watching: Remember how I said I was going to start watching a less dorky show, well I started Haven which is basically dorky! I like it so far but not as much as I have liked Fringe, Eureka, or Warehouse 13 but I am only 4 1/2 episodes in though so I guess I just need to give it time.

Hope your weekend was what you wanted it to be and seriously let me know about that hashtag thing!