17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Marisol E. says:

    I just spent the last couple hours looking through your blog…. You are just as fabulous as when I last saw you in SoCal in the summer of ’08… I recently got an “invite for Facebook” and I actually opened it! (Normally I just toss them.) After seeing your name I Googled you and am soooo happy I did!!! I just found the Guinness postcard, a few days back, you sent me on your trip to Europe 4 years ago. Anyways, I hope you are well and I look forward to reading more about wonderful you :)

  2. Hi fellow expat and crazy (in love) woman! I just read your comment that you followed your man after a really short time as well – sometimes that’s just the only thing you can do, right?
    Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    xo Miriam

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