Sunday Currently – And It Starts

polaroid view

Sunday Currently 

Can you believe it is December 1st, last year December 1st came with frantic wonderful snow and this year we have these blue skies and it is making me nervous about our snowy Christmas I have been imaging.

Reading: Today I finished “The Cat Who Played Brahms” by Lilian Jackson Braun. I like these sort of fun silly detective books and I think I will start another this afternoon.

Writing: Christmas notes to be sent out tomorrow but I am not having any illusions they will arrive for Christmas so if they do it will be a pleasant surprise.

Listening: To the Manchester United game commentary, if it is in English I like the sound of it in the background as always feel a bit cozy to hear sports on Sunday.

Thinking: How much I love our giant living room windows that let me take pictures like the one above without going outside.

Smelling: Myself! It is now past 2 and I have not showered but Sundays are for being lazy right?

Wishing: It would snow, this is going to be my third consecutive Christmas in Sweden and I am really like when they are snowy since it is so different from an Orange County Christmas. 

Hoping: That the roast defrosts in time for dinner and I cook it properly as it is my first time doing an elk roast!

Wearing: Yoga pants, old tank top and the comfiest slippers ever. My grandparents sent them to me and I love how they are like socks but grippy on the bottom, I have worn them every day this week!

Loving: Everything we have planned for the next month and a half and that the presents I ordered for Mr. H are on their way!

Wanting: Bacon but the store is much too far away for me today!

Needing: Chapstick, we drank a bit last night and so my lips are so very chapped.

Feeling: Happy, Happy, Happy!

Clicking: Through places we might go to next summer and the list is getting quite big and will sadly need some culling before we head out.



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  1. That is a stunning view that you have out your window. I have a rather nice view of the mountains from my place, but in the winter it kind of looks stark sometimes with the barren trees.

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