Slump Day: Currently

Funny photo yesOk so do you get annoyed when bloggers are all “so sorry I have been gone” and “I want to blog but am feeling stuck”? I do sometimes but you know what that is how I feel, this is the third time today I have opened up WordPress and this time I am not closing it without a post!

So I thought I would do the Sunday Currently even though it is Wednesday and everyone is all being wahooo Thanksgiving (nope not feeling bitter at all that my family will all be together being warm eating good food).

Reading: Today I just finished Command the Morning by Pearl S. Buck, it is the fourth book of hers I have read in the fall and it was wonderful. If you like history or more specifically war history I really recommend it. Also it was the last of her books that I was able to get through the library in English so I have to move on to a new author now.

Writing: A list of which Christmas presents are done and which I need to get finished.

Listening: To 30 Rock, we have been watching a lot of heavy shows like The Killing so I was in the mood for something silly.

Thinking: That I am now used to snow this time of year and I am so bummed it is taking so long to get here this year.

Smelling: Sleepytime tea, well not like the Celestial Seasonings one but one that reminds me of it and I do not know the Swedish name of it and I am too lazy to go in the kitchen and check.

Wishing: That it would be Saturday faster since that is when Mr. H and I are doing our own Thanksgiving and the two bottles of wine in the kitchen for the occasion are getting hard to resist.

Hoping: Everyone likes the Christmas presents are I am sending them, I like them and I really hope they do too.

Wearing: The perfect cotton pj jammies bottoms that are striped and a striped sweater from GAP so it is all about the stripes up in here!

Loving: The peanut butter you see up there in that picture, my grandparents are the best and sent us a Thanksgiving goodie box and it also had peanut butter which I am rationing out so it can last more than two weeks!

Wanting: Snow, so I already mentioned this but where the heck is the snow?!?!!?

Needing: Even more candles, the sun is setting around 2:30 which means it is full on candle season.

Feeling: Out of sorts, sometimes these bouts of homesickness come from out of nowhere and are just way too hard to shake.

Clicking: On pictures of turkeys that are making me drool and sad.

Well it was great to get typing again and sharing some thoughts that are whirling around my head!

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with family and friends really value it and I will be sure to share some pictures of our Saturday celebration!

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  1. I know what you mean about the “sorry I’ve been gone.” I suppose I like it most when people just explain that life got in the way or that they weren’t inspired to write. The truth is certainly best. We all feel like that sometimes (I have weeks with no posts, then some with one per day). So, better to be honest about it and just let what’s on your mind flow!

    Happy Turkey Day! Try to enjoy — maybe watch the Parade? I know I will! We’ll celebrate with others on Saturday too — no day off tomorrow of course. Hope you have a good one, and don’t let the homesickness get you down. Remember all the great things!

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