October Photography Challenge – Day Four – Laundry Love


Like I said I am going to try and fit the pictures into what is happening with me that day so while you may be looking at that picture think what???? let me explain. I am not in any way saying I love doing laundry but I do love the results of doing laundry. When all the clothes, towels, socks, and underwear are clean I find it so invigorating, all my favorite things are ready to be worn and used and the cupbard with the hamper is no longer scary!

One other reason to for me to love laundry day is that in Sweden we have it pretty good in terms of laundry facilities. Almost all (in my experience it is all but you never know!) property management companies provide the tenants with a free laundry room. At our current place there are six rooms with 3 hour time slots and each room has two washing machines, a tumble dryer, and a heated drying rack. I do have to walk a little ways since it is in an adjacent building but it beats what we had in California which was nothing and I would have to drive to my grandmas and do it there!

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2 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Four – Laundry Love

  1. I love the laundry system here in Sweden! Even if I used to have a washing machine and dryer in NY, I actually like having a time slot- makes me remember to do (and FINISH) it right away!

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