October Photography Challenge – Day Three – Home


Since I already blogged about what the inside of our house a few weeks ago today I thought I would show you the path leading up to our home. This path leads us to the grocery store and by a park which has a basketball court, a fenced in soccer pitch, and two skate ramps. When you walk along here on a Friday night it is filled with locals heading here or there and always a lively game of basketball.

This is the view facing the other way a little further down the path. I never thought I wanted to live in a mountainy area but since we moved here I cannot help but stop and admire the views all the time. Also I am dreading the snow for practical reasons but I also cannot wait to see this in white for Christmas!

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3 thoughts on “October Photography Challenge – Day Three – Home

    • Fred says:

      She clearly stated mountainy and not in the mountains. If you would have a better grasp of the English language you have understood that, but now you just comes off as someone who is just rude….

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