The Internet is Awesome

If you are a blogger you know how great other bloggers are. Always there for a kind word and assure you they too sometimes go days without doing the dishes or that eating chocolate for dinner is ok once in awhile.

Awhile back I participated in a letter exchange and while one person I was assigned was a dud, never received a letter back from them, the other was the lovely and witty Helena. We just exchanged the one letter but I have not stopped reading her blog and love seeing Chicago through her eyes. Then one day she did a post about how her initials were changing with her upcoming marriage and she had some stamps she would no longer be able to use, the funny thing was though her old initials were my married ones inverted.

Fast forward a bit and it is my birthday and a slip comes in the mail that I have a package, now a package in the mail is great but one on your birthday is amazing! I somewhat patiently wait for Mr. H to get home and then we go and pick up the package.

Helena sent me the initial stamp!

I love the stamp so much, for one I love marking things like the book shown and it was such a nice and selfless gesture from a person thousand of miles away.

So thank you Helena again and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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