Replay: Learning New Things Everyday

With settling into our place and an unknown internet situation I decided to do a replay of some old posts.

I hope you enjoy them and should be back to normal blogging soon!

Learning New Things Everyday

Originally posted: April 15, 2011

Sometimes growing up, yes at 25 I still consider myself growing up not a grown up, is hard and damn funny. Yesterday morning I took out a whole chicken from the freezer to defrost for dinner. Made sense to me, it had all day to unfreeze and be ready for a gorgeous and easy Monday dinner.

I have always loved to cook  and really love now having my own kitchen and the funds to be able to try out new recipes. Mr. Hemborg has started to take an interest in cooking recently and we have a system where we either cook together or with a staple like roasted chicken I sit on one side of the island/table and direct him like our own little cooking school.

So last night I come home and Mr. Hemborg has the kitchen all ready to go for our cooking time. I took my position and am telling him how it is kinda messy and gross the first time you have to clean out the chicken insides and what not as he is struggling with the slippery chicken in the sink. Then I realize he is looking at my like I am crazy talking about a hole he is going to stick his hand in. I say yes I know it sounds dirty babe but trust me you just have to do it and he goes ummmm this hole? The hole in questions was about as big as my pinky.

It was then major fail and crack up time. The chicken was still frozen solid on the inside. So Mr. Hemborg while I was giving my spiel had been trying to dig essentially into the chicken cavity.

It was a lesson learned it takes more than 8 hrs to thaw a frozen chicken in our apartment!

So Mr. Hemborg ended up eating Jack in the Box and I made myself red wine mushroom pasta.

Fingers crossed for a better turn out today!

Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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